How to Install Zoo Tycoon 2 Mods

Bad Omens

Updated 5/30/19

Before We Start

Please keep in mind that the modding community changes from time to time. Most games install mods in a different way. If this guide is not working or appears out of date – please contact us!

If you download a mod and find a “readme.txt” file, make sure to read it. This guide will cover the general installation methods, but as mentioned earlier, some mods work differently than others.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at how to install Zoo Tycoon 2 mods!

Helpful Programs

Some mods will come packed inside of a .zip or .rar file. You will need to extract the contents of these in order to access the mod files. A great program for doing this is WinRar. Once it has been downloaded and installed, you can right-click any .zip or .rar files and use the “Extract files…”  option.

Installing Z2F Files

One of the most common files you’ll come across when modding ZT2 is a .z2f file. These files can be installed directly into your Zoo Tycoon 2 directory.

The directory can most commonly be found at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Zoo Tycoon 2. When you find it, simply copy and paste or drag and drop the .z2f file into this directory. Make sure not to place it into any folders!

Installing DL Files

The other common files for Zoo Tycoon are .DL files. This file extension is used specifically for the ZT games. Usually these files are found when unpacking a .zip or .rar file. They should appear inside of their own folder, which includes the .DL file and another sub-folder.

Navigate to your Downloads directory which is found at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Zoo Tycoon 2\downloads. Drag the main folder (with the .DL inside) into this directory. When you boot up the game, the mods will download.