Spore – Epic Play V2.1 Mod


Ever want to play as an Epic from Spore? Now you can with Epic Play V2.1. Epic play allows you to seamlessly play Spore as an Epic of your choice!

  • This mod allows your creature to have a base 1,000 health with the upper limit being able to hit 5,000 health!
  • Your creature will have a LOT of strength, and be able to one hit any other creatures (except other epics or rogues)
  • Your creature will be able to perform an epic stomp!
  • Your creature will mimic the sounds of a normal epic found within Spore
  • Your creature will not drain hunger
  • Increased view distance of your creature, it is epic after all

You can download the mod here.


In order to install this mod, you’ll need to unzip the download and locate the various package files named “2508-epicplay2.1.package”. Drag these files into your Spore Data folder. You can find the Data folder in the following path: C:Program Files (x86)Origin GamesSPOREData