Pillars of Eternity – Infinity Engine Overhaul Mod

Pillars of Eternity – Infinity Engine Overhaul Mod

Mod Information

Miss the timely yet familiar feel of Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale? Bring back the feeling of classic Infinity Engine games with this graphical UI overhaul mod. With this mod, players will have access to a large variety of options that can be utilized to not only completely change the game UI, but also gives players more possible gameplay variance. The IE Overhaul mod is all about giving players more options, whether to get that classic feel or for a completely unique experience.

Want to move and adjust character portraits? Go for it! Getting annoyed by the default placement of an information box? Throw it somewhere else! Want to change how restrictive some aspect of combat are? Switch it up! The Infinity Engine Overhaul mod provides players with a slew of options to make the game play and feel however you wish.

Along with the variety of options provided with this mod, players will also have access to various new console commands to even further edit their gaming experience. To open-up the console, most users would open the menu via the `/~ key, and from here, one would simply type the any of these new commands: “ActivateStronghold”, “AddItem”, “GiveItem”, “OpenCharacterCreation”, “OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion”, “GivePlayerMoney”, “RemovePlayerMoney”, “AddExperience”, “Skill”, “AttributeScore”.

Included is also various cheat commands to even further spice-up your Pillars experience. For instance, users with this mod can now press:

Ctrl + J to teleport your character to your cursor location

Ctrl + Y to do 500,000 damage to whichever target you target with your cursor

Ctrl + R to fully restore your health points

Ctrl + T to both progress time forward by 8 hours and Stronghold turns by 1

Ctrl + L to unlock any containers, but use with caution, as some quests are dependent on key usage

Ctrl + S to replenish spells and abilities

This Infinity Engine Overhaul completely opens Pillars of Eternity players up for a gaming experience that reminds them of genre classics or creates a completely new gaming vibe.



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