Blade & Sorcery – Monsters Mod

Blade & Sorcery – Monsters Mod

Mod Information

This mod adds the following to the game:

Seven new monsters:

  • Goblins, slightly smaller than humans, wield light weaponry or bows.
  • Orcs, slightly larger than humans, wield claymores.
  • Ogres, large and tanky, dual wield bardiches.
  • Imps, small and weak but fast.
  • Dark Elves, tall, rapidly attack with their special bow & arrows.
  • Phantoms, very skinny, can sustain a lightning attack for a prolonged period of time.
  • Shadows, small, long-armed demons that attack with their fists.

A human strike team:

  • Skirmishers, wield 1-handed light weapons.
  • Warriors, wield a sword and shield.
  • Elites, dual wield swords.
  • Archers, wield a bow and arrow (obviously).
  • Wizards, wield a snake staff & lightning.
  • Defenders, wield a tall shield & spear.
  • Resuppliers, carries health potions.

Three new standard waves to every map:

  • Invasion: Fight through progressively harder waves of monsters until you reach a special boss monster.
  • Invasion (easy): Like invasion, but with easier monsters, and you get reinforcements.
  • Green Invasion: Like invasion, but only goblins, orcs, and ogres will spawn.

Adds five new endless waves to every map:

  • Monster Onslaught: You vs monsters.
  • Monster Onslaught (easy): You vs easier monsters.
  • Friends vs Monsters: You & a strike team vs monsters.
  • Friends vs Monsters (easy): You & a strike team vs easier monsters.
  • Crazy Free-for-all: You, the strike team, and monsters in a free-for-all.



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