How to Install Blade & Sorcery Mods

Bad Omens

Updated 11/20/19

Modloader Software

Before we begin adding mods to our game, we need to first download MulleDK19’s Modloader. This tool allows you to not only load mods, but also create and edit existing game code! This means if you’re savvy enough, you can use it to create your very own mods.

As you scroll through the site, you’ll find the different available versions of the loader. It is recommended to always use the current version, but please keep in mind that certain mods may not always be compatible. It’s always advised to read over the mod requirements before installing.

Installing Modloader Files

Once you’ve downloaded the Modloader’s .zip file, you’ll find alot a bunch of files inside (see below). Keep in mind that as the software updates, there will likely be more files added and it may not look exactly like the image.

Next you’ll need to navigate to this path: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\steamapps\\common\\Blade & Sorcery. Now select all of the contents of the Modloader’s .zip file that we just downloaded, and drag them into your Blade & Sorcery folder.


Running the Modloader

With the files added to our Blade & Sorcery folder, it’s time to run the game. When your game has loaded up, go back to your Blade & Sorcery folder and run the BASModLoaderConfig.exe file. A prompt should soon appear, and all you need to do is click the Apply button to sync the Modloader to your game.

You do not need to run this everytime you start the game! However it is recommended to run it each time a new game update or patch is released. There’s no harm in running it multiple times, so there is no trouble with running the program to make sure everything is up to date.

Adding DLL Mods

Inside of your Blade & Sorcery folder, you’ll have copied over another folder titled ‘Mods’. Whenever you download a new mod that contains a .dll file(s) simply place its entire folder into this ‘Mods’ folder. Each time you run the game afterwards, your mods will load up with you!

Adding JSON Mods

With the addition of weapon modding, you’ll often find mods that contain .json files rather than .dll files. In the case, we need to upload them to a different folder. Instead of ‘Mods’, we will extract/copy all .json files to the ‘StreamingAssets’ folder. Typically this folder is found in this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Blade & Sorcery_Data\StreamingAssets.