Vermintide 2: When to Open Your Commendation Chests

Bad Omens

As you progress through Vermintide 2, you’ll start to acquire loot boxes. The loot you receive from them is actually scaled to your current character, so when should you open chests?

You should always open chests on your highest level character. Your “max power seen” across all of your characters factors into the loot you receive as well. Your loot will be an average of your “max power seen” for each slot, meaning the max power of the item will be -5 to +10 of your max power seen.

What level should I open chests?

Your loot will scale depending on the level and power of your characters as a whole. It’s a good idea to rush one character to level 10 before the others in order to get significantly better loot on the other three, lower level characters.

What do I do with unwanted items?

Any items you obtain from chests should be salvaged. You’re very likely to receive a fair amount of items and gear that isn’t useful to you. Instead of saving it, salvage it to give you more crafting materials. You should always prioritize crafting upgrades for your lowest powered item slot. This will allow you to progress at a steady pace and keep your build even.

Does Max Power effect items?

Your “max power seen” across all of your characters greatly affects the loot you will receive from chests. As we mentioned at the beginning, any item you receive will be -5 to +10 power of your previous “max power seen” for this slot on any of your characters. Let’s use an example to make this more clear: If your “max power seen” for a gear slot is 70, any chest loot you receive for this gear slot will be between 65-80 power. There is a slight chance to receive something worse, but a greater chance to receive an upgrade. This is why it is important to craft better gear for your lower leveled slots. Keeping everything in a similar level range will help you get the best loot possible from your chests.

Getting Red Items

Exotic or “red” tier items can be found in commendation chests, emperors chests and all difficulty level vaults. The drop rate is not known for sure, but they are incredibly rare. An easy map to farm vaults on is Halescourge on legendary difficulty. Run through the level picking up all of the Tomes and Grimoires for the maximum chance at red level items. Here’s a video guide by ProfessorButts showing all of the book locations for the level: