The Ultimate Sims 4 Cheats & Console Commands Guide 2019


Before we jump into the guide, note the navigation menu to the right. Use this to easily jump to the area you need help with or are interested in. The aim of this guide is to provide full documentation of The Sims 4 cheats.

We will go over every detail from start to finish. From the nitty-gritty setup to the proper use of every single console command and cheat in detail. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it! We’ll start off with the basics of your Sims 4 console.

Opening Your Console

First things first. In order to enter any commands, we’ll need to access our game’s console. This is done a bit differently depending on your platform. You can find the proper input each platform below.

Sims 4 Console

PC: Press Ctrl + Shift + C.

Xbox: Press RB + RT + LB + LT simultaneously.

Playstation: Press R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 simultaneously.

You’ll know you’ve opened it correctly when you see a big white box similar to the one above. You will not yet have anything displayed in your console, but that’s our next step! Now that we’ve got it open, we’re ready to start cheating our game.

Enabling Cheats

With our console loaded and ready to go, it’s time to enable cheats. Some cheats do not require this step, however most do. It’s a good rule of thumb to enable them each time you start using cheats. Note that enabling cheats will disable Xbox achievements and PlayStation trophies! PC achievements can still be earned with cheats enabled.

To do this, we will be entering the code testingcheats on into the console. Once you have it typed or pasted in, press enter to submit the command. Congrats! You just entered your first Sims 4 cheat. You can disable cheats at any time using the testingcheats off command.

Unfortunately this code must be entered each time you load into a new area. This is due to a game bug, and may be patched in the future.

Help! testingcheats on didn’t work! If for some reason the console is not recognizing this command, you’re in luck. There’s plenty of other ways to enable cheats. Try any of the following:

  • testingcheats 1
  • testingcheats yes
  • testingcheats true

From here, you’re free to journey throughout this article testing out all the cheats you come across. Who knows what you may find? For some basic starter cheats, take a look at the list below.

General Cheats

Below is a list of general cheats that can be used at any point in your game. Most of these are the “official” cheats released by the developers. Later on in this article we will take a look at some cheats that have been uncovered by the Sims community through decompiling the game’s source code. You’ll soon see how flexible the cheats are! Each code listed can be copied with the click of a button. Hover over the cheat code you want and click, it’ll copy to your clipboard so you can easily paste it into your console!

 Shift-Click Cheats

Let’s take a look at some of the available shift-click options we have now that we’ve enabled cheats. First off, for console users, this is how you “shift-click”:

Xbox: Press A + B simultaneously.

Playstation: Press X + O simultaneously.

Here is a list of objects and things you can shift-click in your game to access some quick options.

Mailbox – Access the ability to turn off decay for your house, or across your entire game. This will prevent decay of all needs for the selected area. Essentially, everyone in your game will be forever happy. Unless you decide to put them in a pool with no ladder. Don’t lie, we’ve all done it before!

Sims – Shift-clicking Sims will allow you to be more specific with your actions. You’ll be able to adjust mood levels and decay for each Sim individually. The Make Happy option will fill up all needs for the Sim. Selecting an NPC Sim will also yield the option of adding them to your household or manipulate their needs.

Choose the Modify in CAS option to open that Sim in the Create-A-Sim screen. You’ll be able to adjust their appearance, but not options like gender or traits. It is possible to have complete customization options through the use of a command. Use cas.fulleditmode in your console while hovering over the Sim you wish to edit. This displays the full editor giving you the option to change every detail.

Objects – Here’s some real fun. Any selectable object will allow you to adjust its size completely. You will need to be in build mode for this to work, as it will still need to be able to fit somewhere. Once selected, use Shift + ] to increase size and Shift + [ to decrease size. Ctrl + Z can be used to undo any changes. You can also set the state of the item to the ‘dirty’ version if that’s what you’re into.

Possibly the best feature to ever make its way onto the Sims 4, the Set As Head option. Most objects you can shift-click have this option, and it’s beautiful. You’re able to set the head of any Sim to whatever object you want.

Ground – You can teleport around anywhere simply by shift-clicking on the location you wish to move to. You may get yourself stuck, but no worries! Shift-click the object that’s blocking you and move it out of the way.

Money & Time Cheats

Money and time are very valuable in both the real and virtual world. These cheats are mostly universal and do not have many different options. However, they’ll allow you to adjust your Sim’s financial standing as well as their inventory, and the time in their world. Note that the time cheat is finicky, and can cause problems with your game. It is highly recommended to make a save or backup before editing time.

Life & Death Cheats 

Here are some helpful cheats that’ll assist you in your Sim’s family. Whether you want to ensure you have twins or force your Sim to go into labor, use these helpful cheats to do all that and more. Bring a Sim back from the grave or push them over the edge. There is no command available to directly kill a Sim, but you can make it happen. Check out the following cheat codes that’ll let you adjust these areas.

Ghost Cheats 

The following cheats can be added to turn a Sim into a ghost, or revert them back to normal. To turn a Sim into a ghost, you simply hover over them and add one of the traits on the left table. Adding the trait in which the Sim has died from will force them in the ghost form of that trait. Each form has different abilities and personalities, you can learn more about them on the Wiki.

Changing a ghost back into a human form follows a similar process. Instead of adding the ghostly trait to them, we will be removing it. This may be tricky, as you will need to know what type of ghost you’re dealing with. Use the right-most chart to help diagnose what type of ghost you have. It follows the format “Death by – Color of ghost”, this should give you an idea of how the Sim died.

Ghost Types

  • Old Age – Orange
  • Fire – Red
  • Electrocution – Yellow
  • Drowning – Blue
  • Fright – Pink
  • Starvation – Pale Blue
  • Illness – Bright Green
  • Satellite – Orange
  • Flies – Purple
  • Cowplant – Yellow-Green
  • Sunlight – Pale Blue
  • Rally forth – Golden
  • Hail – Magenta
  • Wishing Well – White
  • Murphy bed – Pale Blue

Career Cheats 

Kickstart your Sims career with these handy promotion cheats! Keep in mind, you’ll need to have your Sim enrolled in the specific career you’re trying to promote them in. For example, you cannot use the Astronaut promotion cheat if your sim is a Gardener.

Each career has 10 levels, therefore you must enter this command multiple times to reach the maximum level. Click the cheat to copy it, and paste it into your console with Ctrl + V to rapidly level up. You will be able to reverse this process by using demote cheats. Simply copy the promotion cheat code below, but swap careers.promote for careers.demote. This may also be applied to the cheat codes for Sims in school.

Skill Cheats 

Skill cheats have been removed from the live version of the game. You are still able to access them through a fix from a community member. You can find the patch available for free here. Big ups to Twisted Mexi for fixing and finding many of these cheat codes!

Below you will find cheat codes for adult skills, child skills, and toddler skills. Each is marked appropriately in the description. You cannot level up skills that are not in the age range of your selected Sim. Adults and children have a skill cap of 10, while toddlers cap at 5 or 3. You can replace the number at the end of each code to the desired level for that particular skill, however it will not go past the cap.

Relationship Cheats 

We can make use of relationship cheats to do a number of things. Force Sims into a specific type of relationship, spawn new Sims, and edit existing relationships. You can even adjust pet relationships as long as they have a last name! Many cheats in this list will have [simfirstname] [simlastname], simply replace these boxes with the target Sim’s first and last name.

You’ll be given a few different options for relationship modifiers. Using the basic codes, you can pick from Friendship_Main or Romance_Main, or SimtoPet_Friendship_Main for pets. This will modify your relationship in the chosen category. Using the more advanced codes which require Sim IDs, you’ll be able to modify relationships more specifically using the following [relationshipBits]:

romantic-Married, family_husband_wife, family_grandchild, family_son_daughter, family_brother_sister, family_grandparent, family_parent

Emotion Cheats & Buffs

These cheats can be used to help influence the emotions of your Sims. You may need to add these multiple times for the desired effect. You have the option of adding, removing, or resetting buffs completely. Below you will find a full list of copyable buff cheats. To remove buffs, simply replace sims.add_buff with sims.remove_buff.