Stardew Valley: Move Chests Easily

As you progress with your life as a farmer in Stardew Valley, you’ll come across hundreds of different items. Your inventory will quickly fill up as you start to farm crops or go out fishing.

Some of these items you may want to keep around instead of selling them right away. To do this, you’re going to be creating chests. Trying to function without them is going to cause you a lot of extra hassle.

Once you progress further in the game, you’ll start to unlock new buildings and open up more space on your farm. Chances are, you will probably want to move your chests around at some point. There are two ways to move chests in Stardew Valley.

Move Chests (No Mods)

Moving your chest(s) is actually quite a tedious process. In the vanilla version of the game, there is no way to move a chest that still has items inside of it.

The easiest way to move your chest is to build a brand new one in the spot you want, and transfer the items from the old chest to the new chest. Afterwards you can use an axe to remove the old chest, which can be placed again.

Move Chests (Mods)

For those of you playing on the PC version of the game… you’re in luck! There is a super handy mod called “Carry Chest” that will solve all of your problems.

Stardew Valley Move Chests

Carry Chest allows you to… well, carry around your chests. You’ll be able to pick them up over your head, and move them to a new location. You don’t need to remove or replace any of your items. It’s as simple as that.

Although, I must give a small word of caution. Due to the nature of mods, it could become outdated and unstable at any point. This may cause you to lose your items. Use it as your own risk!