Stardew Valley

About Stardew Valley

The family farm has been passed on to you from your decently deceased grandfather. After creating your custom character, you’ll be thrown right into the fields with nothing more than some basic tools and your brain. Learning to run a farm won’t be easy, but you’ll have help from some of the native villagers. Create friendships, restore the surrounding town, start a family and explore the depths of the mines. There is so much to do in this relatively small world, so get started now!

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Jump right into this country style RPG with its game mechanic roots similar to games like Harvest Moon and Rune Factory. Replace out your run-down overgrown farm with an extravagant and lively farm. In the beginning of the game, you’re able to choose what type of farm you want to have. For example, the Riverside farm will place your farm around many bodies of water and is perfect for all of you fishermen out there. Not into that? Not a problem. There are different types of farms for all play styles.

Level up! Stardew Valley features an extensive skill system that lets you acquire new helpful new abilities as you level up. Mods are all the rage in this community, and you best believe there are tons of helpful and elaborate additions to the skill system available to download for free.

Bring life back to the all but forgotten community center by donating bundles of items found spread throughout all areas of the game. You’ll be looking for rare minerals deep in the mines or casting your rod out deep in the ocean in hopes of snagging a legendary fish. Farming, fishing, mining, combat or relaxing by the beach with some friends… no matter what you want to do, Stardew Valley has it covered.