Gargoyles: RS3 Slayer Guide (Best Method)


Gargoyles can be assigned at level 75 Slayer by six different Slayer Masters. Those being Chaeldar, Sumona, Duradel, Kuradal, Morvran and Mandrith. These monsters are one of the best overall tasks for mid-level Slayer and we highly recommend adding them to your preferred list until you reach a higher level.

Not only are they great experience per hour in both Slayer and Magic, but they also provide a great profit. On top of this, they can be found in a variety of locations making them easy to access for anyone.

The only downside at all to this task is having to “smash” them with a rock hammer. An upgrade for 400 Slayer points can be purchased to do this automatically, and it makes this task an absolute breeze.


Gargoyles are in a few different locations around the game. This task can be completed in the Wilderness for extra experience, but keep in mind this location is dangerous! Each location has its own benefits, so choose wisely.

Slayer Tower

You can find Gargoyles on the third floor on the east side of the Slayer Tower. They can also be found on the very top floor which can be accessed by crossing the plank on the western side of the tower with 71 Agility.

A special Slayer Contract can be obtained from Markus just outside of the tower if you are on task. If you are not on task, you can still speak to him for a contract that will give you some extra Slayer experience while killing Gargoyles inside of the tower.

RS3 Aberrant Spectre Location

Morytania Legs 4 can be worn while killing Gargoyles here to receive a 10% bonus Slayer experience per kill. This requires completion of the Morytania Elite tasks, which has some very high skill requirements.

Kuradal’s Dungeon

Only accessible on a Slayer task, Kuradal’s Dungeon can be a good option for fighting Gargoyles. When killing any monster in this dungeon, you have a chance to loot a Ferocious Ring. Equipping this ring will give you an additional 4% damage boost to all monsters in the dungeon. It is fairly far off from a bank in comparison to other locations, so players looting all drops may be inconvenienced by this.

RS3 Gargoyle Location 1

In order to get to this location, you must be able to enter the Ancient Cavern, which requires completion of the Barbarian Training.

East Ruins

Gargoyles can be killed within the Wilderness for up to 40% extra Slayer experience. Purchasing and equipping the Demonic Skull will provide a 20% boost, and accepting a Slayer Contract from Erskine will yield yet another 20% bonus. Just as with the Slayer Tower contracts, you can turn it in upon completion for your choice of gold or experience.

RS3 Gargoyle Location 3

This location is dangerous! Do not bring any items to the Wilderness that you are not afraid to lose.

Chaos Tunnels

The Chaos Tunnels are located within a rift under the Wilderness. They are not dangerous once inside, but you will still need to run through a dangerous area to reach the entrance. Gargoyles can be found directly inside one of the entrances close to the Edgeville Monastery and lodestone. This room only contains 4 Gargoyles however, and comes with the small risk of the Wilderness with no extra reward.

RS3 Gargoyle Location 2

Gear Setup

There are two major weaknesses that Gargoyles have – Water spells and Silverlight. No matter what level you are, Magic is generally the way to go here. Lower levels can use the range of Magic attacks to take advantage of safespots, and higher levels will be able to deal for AoE damage ultimately creating a speedier task.

If you have not spent 400 Slayer points to learn how to deal finishing blows automatically, you will need to bring a Rock Hammer along with you. Each time a Gargoyles health is low, you will need to right-click and use the “smash” option to finish them off. I highly recommend purchasing this upgrade as its useful for many other tasks.

RS3 Gargoyle Slayer Gear

RS3 Gargoyle Ability Bar

Asides from the Rock Hammer, you do not need to bring any special equipment to kill Gargoyles. A Full Slayer Helmet will provide the standard combat bonuses. However if you do not own a Full Slayer Helmet, you can use a Hexcrest to provide the same bonus 12.5% bonus for your Magic based attacks.

Your ability bar will differ depending on what style of weapon you are using, but you can see a good 2H Magic bar above. Please note that the Surge ability on the far right is for movement purposes and is not needed.


Depending on the location you choose, gear up appropriately. Make sure to bring a Ferocious Ring if using Kuradal’s, along with a Full Slayer Helmet or Hexcrest. Bring your Rock Hammer if you have not unlocked the ability to smash Gargoyles automatically. If you’re using the Wilderness to complete you task, bring cheap mid-tier gear!

RS3 Gargoyle Slayer Guide

Gargoyles do not use any ranged attacks. This makes them easy to safespot using various objects in any location. That being said, they do have fairly low hitpoints. As long as you’re using a T70 or higher weapon (and you should be by level 75 Slayer), you’ll have no problem killing them quickly.

It can be helpful to bring along runes for the High Alchemy spell. Gargoyles drop plenty of Rune Salvage items, and alching them as you receive them will save you some extra inventory space. Remember to use and complete Contracts if using the Slayer Tower or Wilderness locations.

Drop Table

There is a relatively high chance to receive Rune Salvage items from Gargoyles. Combined with their aggressiveness and low hitpoints, this makes them a great monster to kill on or off task. You can profit anywhere from 1m-2m gold per hour here when looting all drops.