RuneScape 3 Firemaking Guide: 1-99 Training Method


Firemaking training in RuneScape 3 is easier than ever. If you’ve played the game years ago, you’ll probably remember having to light long lines of fires to train your skill. RuneScape now features a much more AFK method of training – bonfires!

There are still more click-intensive ways to train the skill that offer more experience per hour. However, all methods are fairly fast. By using experience boosting items and portables, you’ll be able to achieve 99 Firemaking in RS3 at fast rates and a low cost.

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All Fired Up Rewards

Once you reach level 43 Firemaking, you will be able to complete the All Fired Up quest. After completion, you will have access to the Beacon Network minigame. You will receive rewards for lighting 6/10/14 beacons at the same time.

The first two rewards will grant you items that, in combination, will grant you 5% bonus Firemaking experience. The third item is mainly used for Woodcutting, and is not very useful in the current game meta. Read about them below.

Item Effect Required Beacons Lit Firemaking Level Req.
Ring of Fire 2% bonus Firemaking experience 6 62
Flame Gloves 2% bonus Firemaking experience (5% if using the Ring of Fire too) 10 79
Inferno Adze Acts as a Dragon Hatchet & Rune Pickaxe. Small chance to burn logs instantly when cutting trees for Firemaking and Woodcutting experience 14 92


Portable Braziers

These tools act similar to Bonfires, but offer some added bonuses. They are available from Treasure Hunter, but there are often players sharing them. Join the friends chat “Portables” and ask for a Brazier location. Alternatively, you can use their always up-to-date spreadsheet.

RS3 Firemaking Braziers

Portable Braziers will offer a 10% base experience boost when burning logs, as opposed to regular Bonfires. It also has a 10% chance to save your log upon burning it, while still giving you the experience! The Bonfire boost also stacks here, so if you have many people using the portable you will receive an extra 4.4% boost for a total boost of 14.4%.

Reborn Phoenix

Coming in at the high requirement of 84 Summoning is the Reborn Phoenix familiar. If you do have the level required, this familiar is a cheap and effective boost to your training.

The Phoenix has a 7% chance to burn two logs at once on Bonfires during its entire lifespan. This calculates to about 25 extra logs burned per familiar. As long as the pouches remain cheap, it’s a must use for quick Firemaking training. Not to mention, if you’re stacking it along with all of the available boosts, it adds up to be quite a bit!

Pyro-matic & Perks

Invention is a great help for improving your Firemaking experience rates! Requiring only level 22, you can create a Pyro-matic by unlocking the blueprint, and combining the following materials:

  • 1 Tinderbox
  • 80 Flexible Parts
  • 60 Base Parts
  • 6 Ethereal Components
  • 4 Imbued Components

Once you’ve made your Pyro-matic, you’ll want to fill up the two tool gizmo slots with some helpful perks. The options below are going to be the most helpful. Ideally filling one slot with Pyromaniac 4 + Rapid 2, and the other slot with Tinker 3 is optimal.

Perk Effect Components
Pyromaniac (1-5) + Rapid (1-3) 0.1%-0.5% (depending on tier) chance to burn all logs in your inventory at once when using bonfires + 5%-15% chance (depending on tier) to speed up an action by one game tick (0.6 seconds) 5 Light Components
Tinker 3 5%-15% chance (depending on tier) to increase experience gained from an action by 25% 5 Fungal Components


Bonfires (AFK)

The most relaxed way of training your Firemaking skill while also receiving some great experience is by using Bonfires. Any log can be lit, and then more logs can be tossed into it by using the right-click option on the fire. Bonfires come with some cool perks like bonus experience when training with others, and randomly spawning Fire Spirits that can be caught for goodies.

RS3 Firemaking Bonfires

Before we begin, I highly recommend that you use Portable Braziers if possible. See that section for more information about them. They are much better than traditional Bonfires!

Bonfiring is very simple. You’ll want to burn the best logs you can at your level. If you’re short on gold, consider sticking with Maples Logs as they are both inexpensive and give decent experience. Here is a list of logs, and what level you’ll need to burn them.

Log Type Level Required Base Experience Per Log
Logs 1 40
Oak 15 60
Willow 30 90
Teak 35 105
Maple 45 135
Acadia 47 140
Yew 60 202.5
Magic 75 303.8
Corrupted Magic 75 319
Elder 90 434.3


Jadinko Lair

This method requires 83 Firemaking & 83 Woodcutting, but completion of The Light Within quest and 91 Prayer are recommended.

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative? The Jadinko Lair may be for you! Once you reach level 83 Firemaking and Woodcutting, you will be able to cut and burn Curly Roots for fast and free experience. Once in the lair, use your hatchet to cut down the curled roots. You’ll need to successfully cut it twice, and will receive four roots.

Contine cutting roots until your inventory is full. Head over to the a Dry Patch on the ground, light it if necessary, then add all of your Curly Roots to the fire. Each root gives 378.7 Firemaking experience, or 10,603.6 experience for a full inventory. If you don’t mind the extra clicking, this method is incredibly fast and cost effective.

RS3 Jadinko Lair

Superheat Form can be used here! This prayer unlocked from The Light Within quest will burn all logs added to your immediately while it is active. This works perfectly on Curly Roots. You can cut out the Firepit completely and burn all of the roots automatically as you cut them.

Fill your inventory with Prayer Renewals, and wear Prayer boosting equipment while here. This method can reach up to 700,000 Firemaking experience per hour, as well as 50,000 Woodcutting experience per hour.