RuneScape Divination Guide: Fast & AFK Training 1-99


Divination is one of the newer skills added to RuneScape 3.

The majority of the skill involves siphoning energy from wisps and depositing it into energy rifts. Using our RuneScape Divination guide, you’ll be able to achieve the max skill level in no time.

Generally Divination is very slow. There are lots of helpful items and boosts, as well as little known skilling methods that we will teach you to speed up the process. Start your Divination training today with our updated RS3 Divination guide.

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Divination Urns

You can use your Crafting skill to create Divination urns. After creating the urns using Soft Clay and a Pottery Oven, add a Mind Rune to them to charge the urns. You can buy empty urns from the Grand Exchange, but you will still need to corresponding Crafting level to add the rune to them.

Urns are stackable in your inventory! If you plan to train Divination for a long time, urns are quite a good investment to make. As you siphon wisps for energy, the urns will passively fill based on your gained experience. Once full, they can be teleported away for some extra experience gains.

Urn Teleport Experience Crafting Level Req.
Cracked Divination Urn 210 3
Fragile Divination Urn 350 16
Plain Divination Urn 500 38
Strong Divination Urn 800 56
Decorated Divination Urn 1,900 82



Divination has two available familiars that can assist you in training. Both of these come at a fairly high Summoning level requirement, and the pouches can be a bit on the expensive side. That being said, both of them are very effective and useful. Generally, the Nightmare Muspah will allow for longer AFK while the Light Creature offers more experience per hour but is more hands-on.

Nightmare Muspah

Requires 81 Summoning.

RS3 Nightmare Muspah

  • Acts as a BoB, storing up to 32 additional memories (automatically used when siphoning/depositing)
  • 5% chance of harvesting 4x the amount of base energy
  • 3% increased chance at receiving Enriched memories

The Nightmare Muspah familiar is the way to go for AFK training. It will allow you to have up to 59 available spaces for memories when siphoning. This allows for much less back and forth from the wisps to the rift.

Light Creature

Requires 88 Summoning.

RS3 Light Creature

  • 10% chance to automatically convert memories into experience
  • Enlightenment Scroll can be used every 6 minutes to boost the above perk from a 10% to 50% chance

I’d personally recommend only using this familiar if you plan to also use the scrolls. The 10% chance is nice, but it is not enough of a boost in comparison to the Nightmare Muspah. Scrolls and pouches can also be costly.

Boosting Outfits

There are a few helpful items and outfits that you can equip while training Divination to receive a nice experience boost. Some items may seem like a small boost, but when combined with boosts listed on this page they can be quite significant. The Enhanced Yaktwee Stick is a great addition to your setup for more Hunter experience from catching Chronicles.

Equipment Effect Obtained By
Diviner’s Outfit 1% experience bonus per piece, 6% for the entire set Reward from Guthixian Caches, Treasure Hunter
Elder Divination Outfit Experience boost from the Diviner’s Outfit if owned

Unlimited teleports to Chronicle hand-in locations

5% chance of receiving 5x energy from harvesting

7% chance to receiving two Chronicle fragments when catching them

7% chance to harvest two memories at once

3 daily teleports to any wisp colony

Treasure Hunter
Enhanced Yaktwee Stick 5% bonus Hunter experience Catching 1,000 Charm Sprites


Energy Boons

Boost your overall experience in Divination training by weaving boons. Each type of energy has its own boon that can weaved using the respective energies. Once you’ve created the boon for a specific type of energy, it will give you a permanent 10% experience boost from that type of energy. It also permanently gives you 10% more energy when converting memories.

RS3 Divination Boons

See chart below for all boon weaving information. It’s best to make these as soon as possible because the boost is permanent.

Boon Level Required Energy Needed
Boon of Flickering Energy 10 100 Pale or Flickering
Boon of Bright Energy 20 300 Flickering or Bright
Boon of Glowing Energy 30 500 Bright or Glowing
Boon of Sparkling Energy 40 600 Glowing or Sparkling
Boon of Gleaming Energy 50 800 Sparking or Gleaming
Boon of Vibrant Energy 60 1000 Gleaming or Vibrant
Boon of Lustrous Energy 70 1250 Vibrant or Lustrous
Boon of Elder Energy 75 1375 Lustrous or Elder
Boon of Brilliant Energy 80 1500 Lustrous or Brilliant
Boon of Radiant Energy 85 1750 Brilliant or Radiant
Boon of Luminous Energy 90 2000 Radiant or Luminous
Boon of Incandescent Energy 95 2250 Luminous or Incandescent



Two different Scrimshaws are available to assist in your Divination training. Both can be very useful, especially when stacked with many of the other available boosts. If you’re using the Light Creature familiar, make sure to use the Memory Crushing Scrimshaw as well! The boost is incredible.

Scrimshaw Effect Divination Level Req.
Memory Crushing Scrimshaw 15% chance to convert memories instantly while active

Lasts for 3 hours, Superior version from PoP lasts for 4 hours

Up to 70% chance if combined with Light Creature and scrolls

Energy-Gathering Scrimshaw 15% chance to harvest double energy

Lasts for 3 hours, Superior version from PoP lasts for 4 hours

Stacks will all other bonuses



Memorial to Guthix

By participating in this D&D, you can ultimately unlock up to five different passive buffs for your character. Three of them are great for Divination training. You’ll need to complete the second prestige of the minigame in order to activate all three buffs at once, so choose your first and second buff wisely.

Name Passive Effect
Ethereal Connection Divination Wisps last longer while harvesting
Wisp Herder When depositing your memories, a Wisp will spawn close to you
Stored Power When you complete a Guthixian Cache, the buff will be placed in a consumable bottle for use whenever you want opposed to being used automatically after exiting the D&D


Guthixian Caches

Completing your daily Guthixian Caches every day will allow you to achieve 99 Divination in the most efficient way possible.

Guthix Caches are the definitive best way to train your Divination skill, entirely from 1-99. This D&D spawns once every hour, and is announced in the global chat (make sure your notifications are on). You can enter via any Energy rift in the game by using the right-click option.

Once inside, you can earn points in two ways. Firstly, you can use the Cres statues to transform yourself into a Cresbot, then run around the room pushing over the automatons. Some automatons require a higher Divination level and offer more points. Secondly, you can pick up memories scattered around the room and deposit them in the middle for points.

RS3 Guthixian Cache

After receiving a certain amount of points in either role, you will be rewarded with two special abilities that can be used to help you within this D&D. Use them wisely to recieve the most points. You can earn a total of 200 points per day, and 100 points per game.

Experience awarded is dependent on your current Divination level. Each time you play, you also have a chance at receiving a piece of the Diviner’s outfit. The chance is 0.5% per point you obtained. For example, 100 points would equal out to a 50% chance.

Energy Rifts

The traditional way of training Divination involves harvesting memories from Wisps and depositing them into an Energy rift. Scattered throughout the game are different types of Wisps that can be harvested at different levels. While harvesting memories, there is a small chance for a Chronicle Fragment to spawn. You can catch this fragment for Hunter experience, and it can later be exchanged for more Divination experience.

RS3 Divination Guide

Before you start training with this method, try to stack as many of the equipment boosts you can! Training this way is extremely slow without any extra buffs. That being said, later levels can offer decent gold per hour and it is decently AFK. Harvesting memories and creating energy is a great way to make extra gold on an alt account.

Below is a list of all Divination locations.

Level Location Type
1-10 West of Lumbridge Crater Pale
10-20 North of Falador Flickering
20-30 Between Varrock and the Digsite Bright
30-40 South-east of Seers’ Village Glowing
40-50 South-east of Rellekka Sparkling
50-60 North-east of Shilo Village Gleaming
60-70 North of Moibilising Armies Vibrant
70-75 East of the Slayer Tower Lustrous
75-80 Elder Halls (Fate of the Gods required) Elder
80-85 East of the Mage Training Arena Brilliant
85-90 Dragontooth Island Radiant
90-95 Southern Sophanem Luminous
95-99 South of the Poison Waste Incandescent


RS3 Divination Options

When depositing memories into the rift, you have a few options. Right-click on the rift and choose the Configure option. You’ll be able to select from three options here. Memories can be converted directly into energy, experience, or you can choose to deposit energy + memories to get even more experience.

Converting to energy will net you more profit. Depositing into experience will allow you to level up a bit faster. If you choose to use the option of depositing energy + memories, you may need to buy some energy on the Grand Exchange because you will use more energy than you harvest.

Empty Throne Room

This method requires 65 Divination.

The Empty Throne Room can be found in the Digsite. It offers up to 800,000 total experience each in the Divination, Mining and Agility skills. This is enough experience to get you from level 65 to 75 Divination at a relatively fast rate.

RS3 Divination Throne Room

The Divination training area can be found directly inside the entrance. You’ll want to fill your inventory with purple crystals, and then click to Transmute them into the color that has a purple ring under it. Once complete, deposit the crystal you’ve Transmuted for even more experience.

This method is relatively AFK, and can reach up to 65,000 experience per hour if you are always using the empowered color.

Ancestral Energy

This method requires 95 Divination.

Found on the Uncharted Isles, Ancestral Energy Springs can be harvested near the Dead Moai. Unlike normal wisps, they do not have to be activated to begin harvesting. Each wisp has a set amount of energy that it can give you, making this an extremely AFK method of training.

RS3 Ancestral Energy

You’ll be able to reach rates of over 100,000 experience per hour here, and very little attention is required. By the time you finish harvesting all the energy from an island’s skill plots, you should have enough resources to travel to a new island and continue this process. You will be able to sell the energy for chimes to help complete The Arc content, but you will not make any direct profit from this method.


Lots of quests provide a great deal of Divination experience. It’s recommended to do them as soon as you can to allow you to bypass lots of levels in the skill. Below you can find a list of quests that can be completed for Divination experience.


Quest Divination Req. Experience Gained
One of a Kind 40 5,000
Hero’s Welcome 60 10,000
Back to the Freezer 50 25,000
The Light Within 80 90,000
Fate of the Gods 75 100,000 + 225,000 in post-quest rewards
Children of Mah 80 100,000