Aberrant Spectre: RS3 Slayer Guide (Best Method)


Aberrant Spectres are a mid-level slayer monster in RS3. They are a great task for both combat experience and profit. Unfortunately for this reason, these monsters are often botted by goldfarmers.

You’re able to gain some extra experience on or off task by taking advantage of the Slayer Tower Contracts. They can be assigned by Chaeldar, Sumona, Vannaka, Duradel and Kuradal at level 60 Slayer.


Aberrant Spectres can be found in two main locations. Both have separate advantages, so choose whichever better fits your needs.

Slayer Tower

Found on the second (middle) floor of the Slayer Tower on the east side, these Aberrant Spectres are easy to access via the Canifis lodestone. This allows for quick banking at lower levels.

RS3 Aberrant Spectre Location

When using the Slayer Tower, you will also have access to using Slayer Contracts. Speak with Markus just outside of the tower who will give you a special contract if you are on task. If you’re not on an Aberrant Spectre task, you can select a Slayer Contract for them to receive a small amount of Slayer experience while killing them as well as a bonus reward. Remember to turn your contract into Markus for your rewards!

Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon

This dungeon requires that you use a Slayer Helmet! The dungeon is filled with smoke and requires the Facemask item, and Aberrant Spectres require a Nose peg. You cannot combine these two items in anything except a Slayer Helmet. Because of this extra requirement, this area is generally not botted.

RS3 Aberrant Spectre Location 2

Accessing this dungeon can be quick when using Pollnivneach teleport scrolls. You can set up a Cannon here, allowing for the task to be finished extremely quickly. If you’re looking to finish your task as fast as possible, or farm the Champion Scroll, this location is ideal.

Gear Setup

Spectres are weak to Ranged attacks, specifically thrown items (Slayer Tower) and arrows (Pollnivneach Dungeon). However, any sort of Ranged item will do the trick on these mid-tier monsters. You must have a Nose Peg or Slayer Helmet equipped, otherwise you will suffer from rapid stat drains no matter what your combat level is.

You will want to use Ranged power armour. Tank armour at this level is not very useful, it is better to deal more damage to increase your DPS and bank if a food restock is needed. Equip a Full Slayer Helmet to deal bonus 15% bonus damage to these creatures on a slayer task. If you are killing Aberrant Spectres off-task, you can equip a Salve Amulet from the Haunted Mine quest for the 15% bonus damage.

RS3 Aberrant Spectre Gear

RS3 Aberrant Spectre Ability Bar

Your ability bar will be largely dependent on what you have unlocked, and whether you are using a dual wield or two-handed weapon. Above you can see an example ability bar that you can use to base yours on.


Equip your best ranged weapon and power armour, as well as your Slayer Helmet/Nose Peg. If you are a lower level, make sure to fill your inventory with food. At mid-high levels you can bring much less food. Use the Canifis lodestone and make your way to the Slayer Tower. Talk to Markus at the entrance for a special Slayer Contract.

Make your way to the second floor on the east side. Begin attacking the Spectres from a distance. Most drops are noted, so it’s a great monster to camp for an extended time. You should be able to complete the entire task without having to bank for extra space.

RS3 Aberrant Spectre Slayer Guide

Legendary pets work great here. Make sure it is set to loot noted drops, which will allow it to pick up most of the Aberrant Spectre drops. At lower levels, you generally will not have a great ultimate ability so rather than wasting your adrenaline on an ultimate, you can use the Regenerate ability to heal yourself as needed.

Drop Table

Aberrant Spectres have some great drops considering their low level and easy accessibility. Their loot primarily consists of noted herbs, herblore secondaries and decent alchables. This task is an absolute must-have more mid-tier Ironman accounts. You’ll receive an incredible amount of resources from these tasks.