RuneScape 3

About RuneScape 3

RuneScape, often referred to now as “RuneScape 3” is one of the longest standing MMOs on the market. This version of the game is the result of almost 20 years of weekly updates and improvements. New content galore! If you choose to pick up this heavy hitter today, you’ll have, quite literally, years of content to experience.

Similar to its sister game, Oldschool RuneScape, it is primarily based around setting and achieving your own goals. There are a huge variety of skills to train and hundreds of ways to train them. There are more bosses and elite mobs to farm than you can count. There’s a reason why RuneScape still gives modern MMOs a run for their money!

GameDB offers a full set of guides that range from skill training methods, to full on bossing guides and more. Using our content, submitted by long time RuneScape veterans, you’ll be on your way to success in no time. Get those maxed skills as fast as possible, learn how to take on Telos or the Angel of Death and more.

A key feature of RuneScape’s uniqueness is the way it handles progression. You don’t just gain an overall level as you progress. Instead, you level individual skills that allow your character to have a diverse skillset rather than being locked into one specific role. Part of the fun of the game’s combat system is swapping being different weapons and equipment sets in combat in order to defeat your foes in the most effective way possible.

Combat isn’t the only fun part of RuneScape by any means. The game has strong roots in PvE content. Leveling your “non-combat” skills is also imperative to your success! Train your Herblore skill to create powerful potions that cannot be traded. Even skills like Firemaking can help boost your maximum health for a short time. Don’t overlook skilling bonuses!