Apocalypse Rising Item IDs – Spawn Items

Item IDs

In the game Apocalypse Rising for Roblox, you can spawn items into the game through the use of cheats.

Below, you can find a full list of all of these items. With the XeNo cheat installed, you can spawn them into your game by copying the item’s ID and pasting it into the command inside of the program. Keep reading to find more about how to use the command and program!

Mosin-Nagant1001Primary Weapon
Double-Barrel Shotgun1002Primary Weapon
AK-471003Primary Weapon
M4A11004Primary Weapon
Mk 481005Primary Weapon
M1 Garand1006Primary Weapon
Maverick 881010Primary Weapon
M8701011Primary Weapon
MP51012Primary Weapon
Lee-Enfield1015Primary Weapon
M141016Primary Weapon
Fedorov1017Primary Weapon
SKS1018Primary Weapon
PPSh-411019Primary Weapon
Patriot1021Primary Weapon
SCAR-L1022Primary Weapon
G36K1023Primary Weapon
M2491024Primary Weapon
Auto-51025Primary Weapon
PP-191026Primary Weapon
M10141027Primary Weapon
M3 Grease Gun1028Primary Weapon
FAL1029Primary Weapon
G31030Primary Weapon
Mk 171031Primary Weapon
HK 211032Primary Weapon
HK-4171033Primary Weapon
RPK1034Primary Weapon
AK-121035Primary Weapon
OTs-141036Primary Weapon
AK-1041037Primary Weapon
AKM1038Primary Weapon
AK-741039Primary Weapon
AN-941040Primary Weapon
AKs-74u1041Primary Weapon
HK-4161042Primary Weapon
AA-121043Primary Weapon
M1 Thompson1044Primary Weapon
MTs-2551046Primary Weapon
M16A41047Primary Weapon
AR-151048Primary Weapon
M19112002Secondary Weapon
Makarov2003Secondary Weapon
M92004Secondary Weapon
Tec-92005Secondary Weapon
Model 6252006Secondary Weapon
USP 452007Secondary Weapon
CZ-752008Secondary Weapon
G182011Secondary Weapon
Model 4592013Secondary Weapon
CBJ-MS2014Secondary Weapon
Uzi2015Secondary Weapon
M93R2016Secondary Weapon
G372017Secondary Weapon
Mk 232018Secondary Weapon
(Double-Barrel Shoutgun)18Ammo
(Mk 48)23Ammo
(M1 Garand)24Ammo
(Model 625)25Ammo
(USP 45, G37, Mk 23)26Ammo
(Maverick 88, Auto-5)27Ammo
(M870, M1014)28Ammo
(AK-47, AK-12, AK-104, AKM, RPK, OTs-14) 30 ROUNDS48Ammo
(AK-47, AK-12, AK-104, AKM, RPK, OTs-14) 40 ROUNDS49Ammo
(AK-47, AK-12, AK-104, AKM, RPK, OTs-14) 75 ROUNDS50Ammo
(M4A1, G36K, SCAR-L, HK-416, M16A4, AR-15, Patriot) 30 ROUNDS51Ammo
(M4A1, G36K, SCAR-L, HK-416, M16A4, AR-15, Patriot) 50 ROUNDS52Ammo
(M4A1, G36K, SCAR-L, HK-416, M16A4, AR-15, Patriot) 100 ROUNDS53Ammo
(M9, M93R, G18) 17 ROUNDS54Ammo
(M9, M93R, G18) 32 ROUNDS55Ammo
(Tec-9, Uzi, CBJ-MS) 20 ROUNDS56Ammo
(Tec-9, Uzi, CBJ-MS) 32 ROUNDS57Ammo
(Model 459)59Ammo
(M3 Grease Gun)60Ammo
(M14, HK 21, G3, HK-417, FAL, Mk 17) 20 ROUNDS62Ammo
(M14, HK 21, G3, HK-417, FAL, Mk 17) 30 ROUNDS63Ammo
(M14, HK 21, G3, HK-417, FAL, Mk 17) 50 ROUNDS64Ammo
(AK-74, AKs-74u, AN-94) 30 ROUNDS65Ammo
(AK-74, AKs-74u, AN-94) 45 ROUNDS66Ammo
(AK-74, AKs-74u, AN-94) 75 ROUNDS67Ammo
(AA-12) 8 ROUNDS70Ammo
(AA-12) 20 ROUNDS71Ammo
(M1 Thompson) 20 ROUNDS72Ammo
(M1 Thompson) 50 ROUNDS73Ammo
(MTs-255) 5 ROUNDS75Ammo
Hatchet3011Melee Weapon
Crowbar3012Melee Weapon
Combat Knife3013Melee Weapon
Sabre3014Melee Weapon
Katana3023Melee Weapon
Old Flashlight3008Utility
Survival Flashlight3009Utility
Military Flashlight3010Utility
Vehicle Jack3016Utility
C4 Detonator3017Utility
Personal Radio3018Utility
Red Chemlight3020Utility
Green Chemlight3021Utility
Blue Chemlight3022Utility
CCO Sight9001Attachments
Holo Sight9002Attachments
Reflex Sight9003Attachments
Kobra Sight9004Attachments
9mm Suppressor9007Attachments
.45 Suppressor9008Attachments
5.56 Suppressor9009Attachments
7.62 Suppressor9010Attachments
5.45 Suppressor9011Attachments
ACOG Sight9013Attachments
SUSAT Sight9014Attachments
Beef Jerky210Food
Chocolate Bar211Food
Tomato Soup215Food
Chicken Soup216Food
Beef Stew217Food
Raw Meat220Food
Cooked Meat221Food
Dr Pepper9Drinks
Orange Crush201Drinks
Mountain Dew202Drinks
Fuel Tank182Vehicle
Scrap Metal183Vehicle
Windscreen Glass184Vehicle
Filled Jerry Can185Vehicle
Empty Jerry Can186Vehicle
Ballistic Glass187Vehicle
Armor Plates188Vehicle
Reinforced Wheel189Vehicle
Wooden Slabs31Building
Stone Walls35Building
Wooden Planks36Building
Small Crate38Building
Large Crate39Building
Metal Truss258Building
Civilian Top5001Shirt
Padded Top5002Shirt
Rambo Top5003Shirt
Desert Camo Top5004Shirt
Urban Camo Top5005Shirt
Jungle Camo Top5006Shirt
Woodland Camo Top5007Shirt
Snow Camo Top5008Shirt
Special Forces Uniform Top5009Shirt
Gusmanak's Armor Top5010Shirt
ZolarKeth's Armor Top5011Shirt
Civilian Pants6001Pants
Padded Pants6002Pants
Rambo Pants6003Pants
Desert Camo Pants6004Pants
Urban Camo Pants6005Pants
Jungle Camo Pants6006Pants
Woodland Camo Pants6007Pants
Snow Camo Pants6008Pants
Special Forces Uniform Pants6009Pants
Gusmanak's Armor Pants6010Pants
ZolarKeth's Armor Pants6011Pants
Cowl (Black)7001Hat
Cowl (Green)7002Hat
Ranger Hat7003Hat
Bowler Hat7005Hat
Biking Helmet7006Hat
Brimmed Hat (Brown)7007Hat
Brimmed Hat (Black)7008Hat
Pilot Hat (Black)7009Hat
Pilot Hat (Green)7010Hat
Cowboy Hat7012Hat
Red Beret7013Hat
Soviet Ushanka7014Hat
Trinity Beret7015Hat
Ballistic Helmet7016Hat
Ballistic Helmet (Jungle Camo)7017Hat
Ballistic Helmet (Urban Camo)7018Hat
Ballistic Helmet (Spec. Ops)7019Hat
Silenced Squad Beret7020Hat
Black Shades8001Mask
Bandana (Black)8002Mask
Firefighter Mask8004Mask
Grey Shades8005Mask
Horn Rimmed Glasses (Pink)8006Mask
Mercenary Mask8007Mask
Mime Mask8008Mask
Special Forces Mask8009Mask
Bandana (Red)8010Mask
Bandana (Renegade)8011Mask
Hockey Mask8012Mask
Phantom Mask8013Mask
Bandana (Skull)8014Mask
Tan Fanny Pack4001Backpack
White Fanny Pack4002Backpack
Blue Fanny Pack4003Backpack
Purple Fanny Pack4004Backpack
Orange Hiking Pack4005Backpack
White Hiking Pack4006Backpack
Blue Hiking Pack4007Backpack
Brown Hiking Pack4008Backpack
Tan Survival Pack4009Backpack
Gray Survival Pack4010Backpack
Green Survival Pack4011Backpack
Brown Survival Pack4012Backpack
Light Green Military Pack4013Backpack
Green Military Pack4014Backpack
Gray Military Pack4015Backpack
Black Military Pack4016Backpack
Teal Military Pack4017Backpack
Road Flare251Other

Spawning Items Using XeNo

If you’re not using a private/premium Apocalypse Rising server, you will need to make use of a popular cheating program called XeNo. With the program open, you can spawn items into the game by using the following command: spawn me <slot> <item id>.

You’ll need to replace the brackets with the slot that you want the item to appear in, and the ID of the item which you want to spawn. For the <slot> variable, you can choose between the following:

  • slot20 – spawns the item on the ground in front of you
  • slotbackpack – spawns the item into your backpack

Let’s look at some examples of spawning items into the game with XeNo.

Spawn Examples

spawn me slot20 1006

Spawns a M1 Garand on the ground in front of you.

spawn me slotbackpack 3013

Spawns a Combat Knife into your backpack.

spawn me slot20 7

Spawns a Pepsi on the ground in front of you.

Cheat Warning

Using cheats or hacks in any Roblox server can and most likely will get you banned at one point or another. Please be aware of this before you decide to look into using hacks to spawn items into the game. You can purchase an Apocalypse Rising VIP server that will allow you to spawn in items as an administrator without the use of hacks or cheats. You can find Apocalypse Rising servers here.