How to Trade Players in Pokemon Planet

Bad Omens

Pokemon Planet is a fan-made free-to-play MMO based around multiple different Pokemon generations. After creating a free account and playing for a few hours with some friends, I wondered how I could trade my Squirtle for their Charmander…

It turns out, you can trade with other players in Pokemon Planet. All you need to do is use the /trade command in the chatbox with another player. Now both characters are able to put their items or Pokemon into a trading screen to swap with each other.

How do I enter the command?

When playing the game, your chatbox will be sitting in the lower-right corner of the screen. Click inside the box at the bottom to start typing. All you need to know is the other player’s username in order to trade with them. Let’s say I want to trade the player “Boy789” my Pokemon or an item. I’d type the command: /trade Boy789.

This will generate a trade request popup on his screen. Once he accepts, a trade window will appear. Here, we can both put in different items or Pokemon from our inventory to trade with each other. Once you’re both happy with the deal, you can click the button in the top right of the trade window to accept it. When both players click accept, the trade will complete.

Why should I trade in Pokemon Planet?

Trading is extremely helpful for a number of things. You can easily give a friend some items to help him complete a tough battle or gym fight. This is personally what I used trading for the most while running through the start of the game with some friends.

Trading Pokemon can also be a great way to complete entries in your Pokedex much faster than trying to catch hundreds of Pokemon one-by-one.