OSRS ZMI Altar Guide – Fast RC EXP Method

Runecrafting can be a slow and tedious slog to achieve level 99. If you’ve read over our Runecrafting 1-99 guide you’ll get an idea of just how much dedication it takes. In that guide, we touched on ZMI altar Runecrafting. The method is quite simple, but requires a lot of setup and prior knowledge to do effectively. We’re going to delve a bit further into it here. In this specific ZMI guide for OSRS, you’ll learn the most efficient setups for this method and be ready to start Runecrafting in a few minutes.



  • Lunar Diplomacy Quest completed
  • Level 71 Magic
  • Your best defensive shield
  • Mystic Dust Staff
  • Weight-reducing gear (optional but highly recommended)

You can do the ZMI altar as a lower level, however it is much less experience per hour. There is a long, winding path with no enemies that low levels can access. This is not recommended unless you have an alternate account(s) which is bringing you pure essence. The current official world for ZMI running is world 327. Always use this world! It will be crowded with players, meaning you are less likely to be targeted by the aggressive NPCs near the altar.

Gear Setup


We’re going to be doing a lot of running. Always bring your Graceful armor, or best weight-reducing gear. While we run through the underground area to get to the altar, there will be quite a few high level enemies. You’ll want to bring your best defensive shield, and wear any amulet you can that gives some sort of defensive bonus. A mystic dust staff will provide us with both air and earth runes. These are used in the Ourania Teleport spell, and the NPC Contact spell which we will be using frequently. I always like to equip a Ring of dueling, or some form of alternate teleport in case I would accidentally run out of runes.

If you’re confident you won’t, bring a ring with some more defensive bonuses. In our inventory, we’ll want to have all of our available Essence pouches, as well as some astral and law runes for using the Ourania teleport spell. We’ll keep some cosmic runes in our bank for using NPC Contact as needed to repair our pouches. Finally, we have lots of fire runes. Each time we use the bank at the ZMI altar, we need to pay the banker 20 of any kind of rune. At the current time, fire runes are the cheapest on the market. Make sure you double check rune prices before buying them in bulk! A good recommendation here is to use the Rune Pouch item. It can store up to 16,000 of three types of runes and only takes up one inventory space. This doesn’t seem like much, but it will allow you to gain extra experience per run.

Running Method

Phew! Now that we have all of the gear and requirements out of the way, let’s get down to it. With your inventory and gear ready to go, make your first teleport to Ourania. Run up the pathway (if you’re in world 327, you’ll see other people – just follow them!) and head down the ladder. If this is your first run ever, right click on the banker and talk to him. Set up quick payments with the rune of your choice. While your bank is open for the first time, click the Menu button in the top right (under the close button). From here, click the Fill button. This will artificially fill your bank, which will come in handy for banking quickly between runs.

OSRS Fill Bank

Make sure to remove any placeholders of your Essence pouches, teleportation runes, and runes that you are using to pay for banking. If you don’t do this, these items will be deposited into your bank when using the “Deposit Inventory” button and defeat the purpose of filling our bank. This can be removed at any point by right-clicking any of the filler slots and selecting the “Clear-All” option.

  OSRS Bank Filler Slots

With everything in place, run down the right passageway. Try to avoid enemies as much as possible. Remember that there is an altar on your way back to the bank, so feel free to use protection prayers if needed. Once you reach the altar, click it to craft your runes. Your inventory is probably very full at this point, so shift-click to drop any low level/cheap runes you don’t want.

OSRS ZMI Crafting

Shift-click your Essence pouches to withdraw more essence and repeat this process until you have crafted all of your essence into runes.  Teleport back to Ouriana, run up the path again, using the altar if necessary. Head down the ladder, and repeat the whole process again. ZMI Runecrafting seems a bit intimidating at first glance, but I hope this guide helps ease you into it. There are some high requirements to do it effectively, but it’s a great method for the awkward stages between nature runes and blood runes.