Experience Table

The table below shows the required amount of experience for each of the 99 levels in the game. This OSRS XP table is a great way to help you plan out your levels. Use the Difference column to see the amount of XP between two levels, and use this to calculate how many actions it will take to reach the next level for any skill.

Virtual Levels

While the game only has 99 levels for each skill, players often like to calculate their level based on the amount of experience earned passed the level cap. These are referred to by the community as ‘virtual’ levels. Virtual levels are capped at level 126, due to the maximum limit on experience being 200,000,000. Level 126 doesn’t quite reach this amount, but the next level would require experience past the cap.

Experience Formula

Looking for a more advanced way to calculate the amount of experience needed to reach a certain level? This is the formula that is used in the game itself. It looks a bit scary, but it’s nothing crazy when you break it down. The variable L is the level you are trying to reach.

OSRS XP Formula

A less efficient, but easier method to calculate experience needed is to add all amounts in the Difference columns together. You’d need to do this for every level from your current, to the desired level. For example, adding all Difference amounts from levels 10 to 20 results in 3,501 experience. Meaning that the amount of experience needed to reach level 20 from level 10 is 3,501.

If you’re interested in using this formula in a program, check out this useful page. They’ve taken the time to list the necessary code for experience calculations in JavaScript, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, and even a method for use in MS Excel or Google Sheets.