Witch’s Potion OSRS – Quick RuneScape Quest Guide


Quest Overview

Witch’s Potion is an OSRS quest which can be completed fairly on. Both main and Ironman accounts can benefit from the starter amount of Magic Experience.

Most items can be bought from the Grand Exchange before starting the quest. Following this guide, you’ll complete the quest by accessing only three buildings in Rimmington.


  • Quests: None
  • Skills: None
  • Items: Raw Rat Meat, Onion, Eye of Newt

Quest Guide

Step 1

With the required quest items in your inventory, head to Rimmington. In the northern most house, use your Raw Rat Meat on the Range to burn it. If you successfully cook it, use the cooked meat on the Range again so it burns.

OSRS Witchs Potion Stove

Now go to the house just south of here and Speak to Hetty using dialogue options 1, 1.


Getting the items on an Ironman Account:

Raw Rat Meat can be obtained by killing a Giant Rat to the west of Port Sarim, an Onion can be picked from the field just north of Rimmington, and an Eye of Newt can be purchased for 3gp from Betty’s Magic shop in Port Sarim.

Step 2

After speaking to Hetty and starting the quest, we can now receive a Rat’s Tail drop. Head over to the house just west. It’s full of Rats, so simply kill one and loot the tail.

OSRS Witchs Potion Rat

Return to Hetty and go through her dialogue. Then Choose the “Drink From” option on the Cauldron inside her house.

OSRS Witchs Potion Cauldron

Quest Complete

  • Rewards: 325 Magic XP, 1 Quest Point

OSRS Witchs Potion Rewards