Complete Windertodt Guide for OSRS


Winterdodt in OSRS is a minigame-style boss that you actually defeat using skills instead of combat. It was released on September 8th, 2016. This minigame-boss is located in the Northern Tundras in Great Kourend. It requires level 50 Firemaking to start, and is generally easier to train at with a lower Hitpoints level.

The official worlds to play Wintertodt are 307, 309, 311, and 389.


How to Get to Wintertodt?

The Wintertodt can be found north of the Wintertodt Camp in the northern area of Arceuus in Great Kourend. If you’ve already taken Veos’s ship to Great Kourend once, you can simply use a Games Necklace to teleport directly to the camp.

OSRS Wintertodt Teleport

Alternatively, you may use the fairy ring code C I S and walk north-west toward the snowy area. The Games Necklace teleport is much closer and should be used to access the area if possible.

Wintertodt XP Rates

Being that this is a boss fight instead of traditional Firemaking training, the XP rates are quite different. You will be given a large XP reward once the boss is defeated, this is calculated with the basic formula (100 * Firemaking Level). For example, if your firemaking level is 83, you will be given 8.3K XP once the boss is defeated.

You will also recieve experience for each log or kindling you place into the burner during the minigame. This uses a formula similar to the experience reward at the end of the fight.

This means your experience will scale as you continue to level up. Generally this is what you can expect:

  • Level 50: ~150,000 EXP/hr
  • Levels 90+: ~300,000 EXP/hr

How long are Wintertodt kills?

Wintertodt kill times will vary depending on how many players are active on your world. Typically, this minigame lasts about 3 minutes and the intermission between the games is about 30 seconds to one minute.

Wintertodt Warm Clothing Gear

Before you start participating, you will need to get your hands on at least four pieces of warm clothing to protect you from the cold during the minigame. There are lots of different options to choose from, but I personally recommend these four items:

  • Fire Tiara
  • Fremennik Gloves
  • Staff of Fire
  • Polar Camo Top

All of these items can be equipped without any skill, quest or minigame requirements. They are also cheap and easily purchased on the Grand Exchange.

OSRS Warm Clothing

If you’re an ironman, you can get four pieces of the Clue Hunter outfit without any skill or quest requirements. This will take some time to travel around the game digging up pieces, but it’s well worth it if you intend to train at Windertodt early on in your account.

Eventually while playing, you will receive a Bruma Torch and pieces of the Pyromancer outfit which will also act as warm clothing for the minigame.

Wintertodt Guide

Now that you know what Windertodt is and how to get there, let’s jump into actual minigame.

Items needed

  • Best hatchet for you level
  • Tinderbox
  • Knife (only if fletching)
  • Hammer
  • Warm clothing
  • Food (I.E – Sara brews, Wines, Cakes)

Once in the room, there are 4 different Braziers in which you can light. It is recommended to light as many as you can before the start of the game to optimize your hourly firemaking experience rates. In order to contribute to your team, you have to cut the Bruma roots which can be found on the walls near the Brazier. The best place to cut these roots is on the south-west side of the room, which will deflect the snowfall attacks simply because there is not enough room for it to fall.

OSRS Wintertodt Roots

Once your inventory is full, you use the logs you get from the roots on the Brazier to get a great amount of Firemaking experience. You may alternatively use your knife on the roots to make kindling, this will also ensure you do not get hit from the falling snow. However, fletching these roots is a bit slower experience than firemaking. So if you’re in it for the XP and don’t mind losing some HP, I highly recommend just using the logs on the Brazier.

OSRS Wintertodt Burner

Once in the actual arena, you will not take damage from snow. However you will take damage from it being too cold! Every 10 to 20 seconds it will damage you slightly. Sometimes, while using the Braziers they will break – also causing damage to yourself and those around you. You will stop burning your logs on the brazier, though if you’re cutting the Bruma roots you will not stop cutting once hit. Be careful AFKing!

Healing the Pyromancer

In order for the Brazier to work the way it needs to, the Pyromancer running it has to be alive and well. You will see on the interface in the top left corner a red magic hat, indicating that the pyromancer has died and needs to be healed. Only one player needs to heal the pyromancer, so as long as you’re in an official you should be okay. However, to heal him you simply search the crate for an unfinished rejuvenation potion, then grab a Bruma herb from the sprouting roots nearby and follow that by using it on the unfinished potion.

OSRS Sprouting Herbs

Each dose you use on the Pyromancer heals him 5 damage. You can heal him up to 20. If you’re still after the maximum hourly EXP rate for Firemaking, do not bother healing the Pyromancer. 

Wintertodt Point System

  • Logs → Brazer: 10 Points
  • Kindling → Brazier: 25 Points
  • Repair → Brazier: 25 Points
  • Light → Brazier: 25 points
  • Heal → Pyro: 30 points

Every 500 points = One reward crate after the boss has died.

You can get up to 27 supply crates from one game. Getting closer to another crate increases the drop potential of that crate, meaning you may get extra rewards on the next crate.

You will accrue more Wintertodt points by using kindling on the Brazier, rather than the logs, but this is much less AFK.

Wintertodt Rewards

Reward crates can be stored in the bank, but they do not stack.

OSRS Wintertodt Reward Crates

Crate Rare Reward Rates

  • Dragon Axe: 1/10,000
  • Phoenix: 1/5,000
  • Tome of Fire: 1/1000
  • Any Pyro Piece: 1/150 (per piece)

Miscellaneous Crate Rewards

You will receive a variety of resources as rewards from your crates. These rewards scale with your levels in the appropriate skills (i.e. higher Farming level will result in higher level seeds). You can receive the following types of resources:

  • Logs
  • Gems
  • Ores
  • Herbs
  • Seeds
  • Raw Fish
  • Coins
  • Saltpetre
  • Limestone
  • Essence
  • Dynamite
  • Burnt Pages