How to Splash: OSRS Guide (After Nerf!)


What is Splashing?

Splashing in OSRS is a simple, yet effective way to train your Magic level with very little effort. If you’ve been to Lumbridge within the past four years, chances are you’ve seen some people like the image to the right. They’re all splashing.

OSRS Splashing

You receive a certain amount of Magic experience for casting any spell, regardless of if you actually hit the monster or not. Doing no damage with a cast is a called a ‘splash’. This Magic training method involves attacking monsters that deal no damage to you, and splashing spells on them with auto-cast to gain experience while you’re AFK.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of setup we’re going to need, and how to start splashing in OSRS.

Gearing Up

In order to successfully splash every cast, you’ll need to have a Magic Attack bonus of -65 or higher. However, in order to auto-cast spells, you also need a staff.

The cheapest and easiest setup is detailed to the right. Buy a full set (full helm, platebody, platelegs, kiteshield) of any armor, a staff of your choice, and green d’hide vambraces.

OSRS Splashing Gear

Don’t have 40 Ranged? Buy a Cursed Goblin Staff from Diagno in Draynor. It does not give any Magic bonus compared to elemental staves. The only downside to this, is that it does not provide any unlimited runes.

Splashing Nerfs


Prior to September 2015, it was possible to leave your account fully AFK for up to 6 hours. After a nerf to this system, you will now need to make sure to click (or interact with – i.e. moving the camera) the game at least once every 20 minutes.


On July 17, 2019, Jagex implemented yet another nerf to the splashing training method. In order to not confuse new players, you no longer gain Magic experience when splashing in most areas of Lumbridge. In the map below, you can see which areas can no longer be used to splash.

The method still works, but you’ll need to find another location with Rats, Spiders, or some NPC that will not deal damage to you.

OSRS Splashing Zones

Starting to Splash

Before we get those sweet XP gains, we should decide what type of spell we want to cast. Higher level spells offer more experience, but cost more money.

When choosing a staff, make sure to equip one that will provide the elemental runes which cost the most in order to save the most money. The Smoke Battlestaff is often a favorite as it provides both Air and Fire runes.

Most players will opt to splash on low level monsters like Rats and Spiders, because they will not be able to deal enough damage to kill you. If you have a higher Defence level, and are using armor with better defensive stats, you can choose to splash on a variety of other monsters.

OSRS Splashing Guide

Once you’ve found your target monster, make sure to select your spell to be auto-casted. Attack the monster with all of your gear on. That’s it!