Slayer Partner OSRS – Benefits & Guide


Slayer Partner Guide

Back in May of 2015, Jagex added a partnering system to Slayer. It works in a similar fashion to RuneScape 3’s partner system, but doesn’t offer quite as many benefits. When you right-click on your Enchanted Gem, Slayer Ring, or Slayer Helmet you will see a “Partner” option. You may need to right-click the item in the equipment tab for the option to appear.

You will be prompted to enter the username of the player you’d like to partner with. They will receive the request and be able to accept or decline the offer. When you’ve found yourself an OSRS Slayer partner, head to any Slayer master to receive a task.

OSRS Slayer Partner Guide

As long as you both meet all requirements for the given task, you will both be assigned the same task. The system was designed to be abuse-free, more information in the Restrictions section.

Either player can receive a task from the Slayer master, as long as all requirements are met. Be sure that you remove your partner when you’re done so that you do not accidentally get assigned a task that you do not want. Your partner can be removed at any time by opening the “Partner” interface again.


Unfortunately, the benefits of having a Slayer partner are purely social. You will not “share” the task together, you each have your own individual task of the same creature. Experience is not shared in any way from having a partner task. There are no extra points, or separate point system like in RS3.

While there is no direct benefit from the game for using partners, it is a great tool for training with your friends. Slayer is one of the most popular skills in the game, and is one of the most frequently updated skills in OSRS. Being able to easily get a task with a friend is a great way to add some variety to your Slayer training.


At face value, this sounds like a great way to get good tasks on an account that cannot yet access them. Restrictions have been added to ensure that this is not possible, and the system cannot be abused.

When you’ve partnered up and found a Slayer master, you will only receive the same task if:

  • You have the appropriate Combat level to receive a task from the selected Slayer master.
  • Both accounts have the appropriate Slayer level to kill the creature being assigned.
  • The task being assigned is unlocked on both accounts (if the task has to be purchased with Slayer points).
  • Your Slayer partner does not have the task currently on their block list.

If any of the above requirements are not met, you will receive a message in your chat box stating that you did not receive a Slayer task. Players rightfully had the initial concern of being able to “sell” tasks, but with these restrictions in place that cannot happen.