Slayer Helm OSRS – Fast Points, Recolors & Imbued Version


Slayer Helmet Information

The Slayer Helm in OSRS will be one of the key items in both your Slayer and Combat training. It is one of, if not the most useful item for mid to high level Slayer training. Obtaining this piece of equipment will mark a milestone in your RuneScape career. When equipped, the OSRS Slayer Helm will function as all other worn slayer gear. When killing monsters on your task, it will grant you a 16.67% boost to your Melee damage. This can be applied to Ranged and Magic by unlocking the imbued version of the helmet.


To create the Slayer Helmet, you’ll first need to unlock the ability to craft it. This can be purchased at any Slayer master in the game in return for 400 Slayer points. You’ll now need to collect a few items to create your new helmet.

Before we move on, make sure you have level 55 Crafting, or a means to boost to that level. This is the required level to craft the helmet. If you have that covered, you’ll next want to travel to the nearest Slayer master. You can purchase all but one of the required items in these shops, buy the following:

  • Earmuffs (Banshee protection)
  • Facemask (Smoke Dungeon protection)
  • Nose Peg (Aberrant Spectre protection)
  • Spiny Helmet (Wall Beast protection)
  • Enchanted Gem (Tracks your Slayer tasks)

All of these combined only cost a few coins. The last item you will need is a Black Mask. This can be purchased from the GE, or dropped by Cave Horrors (1/512 rate). These masks can be quite expensive, but they will provide the 16.67% Attack and Strength boost on Slayer tasks. If you have an imbued version already, you can use this as well.

With the ability to craft Slayer Helmets purchased, and all of these items in your inventory, you can now create the helm. Right click any of the items, and use it on another in your inventory. The helm will be created!

Imbued Slayer Helmet

In order to unlock the Ranged and Magic combat boost, you will need to imbue your helm. To do this, you will need to play the Nightmare Zone minigame until you reach 1,250,000 points. Nightmare Zone consists of re-fighting different quest bosses, you will need a certain amount of quests complete in order to start. This may also be done for a Black Mask if you do not yet have the Slayer Helmet.

Quick Slayer Points

Slayer points can often be hard to obtain early on in your Slayer training. There are also many other upgrades requiring points, some of which are more beneficial. Firstly, we do not recommend starting Slayer straight away. It’s much faster to quest and level up your combat skills before beginning Slayer tasks, and will help you complete tasks quickly.

If you really need your helm (and who doesn’t? it looks killer), you can abuse the point reward system slightly to reach 400 much quicker. Every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th and 1000th task you will receive bonus Slayer points. These points are based on the Slayer master who gave you the task. The higher level the master, the more points.

First, you will need to complete four tasks before you can start receiving points. Afterwards, use the Slayer master Mazchna in Canifis until you complete your 9th task (this is noted in the chatbox after every completed task). Mazchna’s tasks are generally short and easy. For your 10th task, and the bonus points, use the highest Slayer master you can.

For example: You will receive 2 points per task from Mazchna, and 50 points for completing your 10th task with Chaeldar in Zanaris. This will net you a total of 70 points per 10 tasks, meaning you can receive enough points to unlock the Slayer Helmet within approximately 60 tasks (including the first four that do not award points).

Recolored Variants

With 1,000 Slayer points and the right items, you’re able to recolor your Slayer Helmet or (i) version. Most items required are rare drops from various bosses. See the chart below for the estimated drop rates. You will need 1,000 Slayer points for each recolor, so all 5 current variants cost a total of 5,000 points.

  • Black Slayer Helmet – Requires KBD Heads (1/128 drop rate from King Black Dragon)
  • Green Slayer Helmet – Requires KQ Head (1/128 drop rate from Kalphite Queen)
  • Red Slayer Helmet – Requires Abyssal Head (1/6,000 drop rate from Abyssal Demons – 1/1,280 drop rate from Abyssal Sire)
  • Purple Slayer Helmet – Requires Dark Claw (1/25 drop rate from Skotizo)
  • Turquoise Slayer Helmet – Requires Vorkath’s Head (1/50 drop rate from Vorkath)