OSRS Runecrafting Guide: 1-99 Method, Abyss, F2P/P2P


This Runecrafting guide for OSRS will cover all the bases throughout your journey to 99. RC is by far the slowest and most tedious skill in the entire game. That being said, it can be extremely profitable and is a widely renowned cape of accomplishment.

Use the navigation on the right to jump to the section that interests you the most. I highly recommend that you use all possible lamp and quest reward experience on Runecrafting. The first 44 levels will not net you much profit, and it is much faster to level through experience rewards or Tears of Guthix.

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Runecrafting Quest Experience

Before we begin with the methods of training the skill, we need to complete the Rune Mysteries quest. Runecraft is one of, if not the slowest skill in Oldschool RuneScape, so keep the following tips in mind. You’ll want to use every bit of extra experience you can get, especially at earlier levels. Below you can find a list of quests that reward you with Runecrafting experience, or let you choose a skill to receive experience in.

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Achievement Diaries

Every single achievement diary tier you complete (easy, medium, hard or elite) will also reward you with some experience lamps. These can be used on Runecrafting as well, giving you a substantial amount of experience.

Using all diary lamp rewards on Runecrafting will earn you a total of 816,000 experience. That is just over 16 total hours saved, all from completing your achievement diaries!

Tears of Guthix

After you’ve completed the Tears of Guthix quest, you will be able to play this D&D weekly. You must have earned at least one quest point or 100,000 experience (total) to play each week.

To find out if you are eligible to play again, you can check the Tears of Guthix quest log. It will tell you how much more experience you need, or how long you need to wait. The quickest way to reach Juna is by using the Games Necklace to teleport directly to Tears of Guthix.

Once you enter, you will have to catch as many tears as possible within the allotted time. You will be rewarded with experience in your lowest skill. For a majority of players, Runecrafting tends to be the lowest skill naturally. However, you may need to train your others a bit more for this method to be beneficial to Runecrafting!

P2P 1-99 Method

Runecrafting is really about preference. Certain methods offer more profit than others, some are more relaxing, and some offer high experience rates. I recommend that you test out some of the different higher level methods to find what suits you best. Alternating between methods is also completely acceptable, it’s good to switch it up sometimes! See Altar Locations for routes to the altars.

Levels 1-9: Air Runes

If you decide not to start off by questing, you will need to make Air Runes from levels 1 to 9. The air altar is located south of Falador, just west of the farm.

Levels 9-14: Earth Runes

Next up we’ll be running Earth Runes. The earth altar is located northeast of Varrock. You can bank faster using Lumberyard teleports and Rings of dueling.

Levels 14-44: Fire Runes

The third step in our journey is Fire Runes. You’ll want to use Rings of dueling to teleport to the Duel Arena, and run north to the altar. You can then use the ring again to teleport to Castle Wars for fast banking.

To reach level 44, the Rings of dueling will cost less than a total of 100k. This is the fastest way to reach level 44, and is 100% recommended compared to other low level runes.

Levels 23-99: Lava Runes

Similar to Fire Runes, Lava Runes grant some of the highest experience rates in the game. Using the same banking method, they are extremely quick to craft.

This method can be done as early as level 23, but has some other high level skill requirements to work efficiently. See the Lava Runecrafting portion of this guide for more details on this method.

Levels 44/91-99: Nature Runes

Nature Runes are always in high demand as they’re needed to cast the popular High Alchemy spell. You can make these at a fairly fast rate through the Abyss.

At level 91 Runecrafting, you will make double Nature Runes, making this method even more profitable. See Abyss Runecrafting for a detailed guide.

Levels 75/90-99: ZMI Altar

The ZMI method allows you to craft multiple random runes with each of your essence. While this can be used at any Runecrafting level, your experience rates will be the best starting at level 75 or 90.

It comes with a few other requirements, to do efficiently, see the ZMI Runecrafting portion of this guide.

Levels 90-99: Soul Runes

Similar to Blood Runes, Soul Runes can only be crafted in the Arceuus area in Zeah. The method is exactly the same as Blood Runes, you’ll just be headed to a different altar.

See Blood/Soul Runecrafting section for more information.

Levels 65-91: Death Runes

Upon completion of the quest Mourning’s End Part II, you unlock the ability to craft Death Runes. These will provide slightly more experience than Nature Runes, and a bit more profit.

These are only recommended until 91, as double Nature Runes will then generate a large amount of profit over Death Runes. See Abyss Runecrafting for a detailed method.

Levels 77/90-99: Blood Runes

Blood Runes may be crafted on the Arceuus portion of Zeah. They are unlike traditional Runecrafting, and are a much more relaxed training method. That being said, they will offer great experience and profit.

View the Blood/Soul Runecrafting portion of this guide for more details.

Levels 91-99: Nature Runes

At level 91 Runecrafting you will be able to craft double Nature Runes. While not the fastest, this is the most profitable method to 99.

This method uses the Abyss, refer to that section for details.

Weight Reducing Gear

Runecrafting in OSRS requires lots of running back and forth. It is important to have gear that will help reduce your weight, allowing you to run for a longer period of time. Having a high Agility level along with these items will help you greatly while training.

  • Full Graceful Outfit
  • Spotted or Spottier Cape
  • Boots of Lightness
  • Penance Gloves
  • Black Pickaxe (for Abyss Runecrafting)

Runecrafting Pouches

Pouches can hold extra amounts of essence for you while Runecrafting. These take up one inventory slot each, but can hold up to 60 extra essence altogether. This is a must for most forms of Runecrafting Training.

The pouches are obtained by killing monsters within the Abyss. They can all be dropped by any type of monster there. The level requirements are as follows.

  • Small: 1 – Holds 3 essence
  • Medium: 25 – Holds 9 essence
  • Large: 50 – Holds 18 essence
  • Giant: 75 – Holds 30 essence

After a certain amount of uses, these pouches will degrade. You will need to take them to the Dark Mage within the center of the Abyss to repair them. Alternatively you can use the NPC Contact spell on the Lunar Spellbook to contact him from afar.

You can empty your pouches by shift-clicking them if you have the option enabled! This is much faster than right clicking to empty them.

Abyss Runecrafting

Crafting runes in the Abyss can be dangerous! The entrance is located in the lower levels of the wilderness. Upon entering you will be skulled, and you prayer will be drained to zero. That being said, you should only be risking your Amulet of Glory. Don’t bring anything that you aren’t prepared to lose!

Before we start, we recommend that you have completed the Heroes’ Quest in order to recharge Amulet’s of Glory. You’ll want to stock up on them, preferably about 10-20. The more you have, the less you will need to recharge.

Run energy is important. The distance from the bank to the Abyss is still quite far, and will drain your energy quickly. It is important to wear your best weight-reducing gear. I also recommend that you stock up on Stamina potions. They can be expensive, but if making Nature or Death runes, your profit will outweigh the loss.

To the top-right is my personal bank setup. I like to keep all of my supplies to the right side for quick access. Always keep some food there, as the monsters in the Abyss can hit fairly high.

To start your run, fill up all of your pouches with essence at the Edgeville bank. Use the route below to run to the Mage of Zamorak, and use his ‘Teleport’ right click option. You will be moved into the Abyss. From here, look for an agility or mining obstacle to enter the inner layer (this is why we wear a pickaxe!).

From the inside, you’ll be able to access any of the altars without need for a tiara or talisman. This route is often much more convenient for higher level runes, as their altars are much farther from a bank.

Enter the altar, craft your runes, and use your Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville. Swap out of your amulet, use a Stamina potion, refill your pouches. Do all of your banking needs, and repeat the run.

Although you don’t require a talisman or tiara, quest requirements do still apply. You cannot craft Death Runes without completion of Mourning’s End Part II.

The Dark Mage is in the center of the Abyss, and can be talked to in order to repair any of your broken pouches.

ZMI Runecrafting

In order to do the ZMI altar effectively, you will need level 71 Magic, along with completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest. This grants you access to the Ourania teleport for quick access back to the bank and prayer altar.

This method does require a lot of extra setup if you plan to do it efficiently, and for a long period of time. In order to bank in the quickest possible way, you will need to completely fill up your bank. Remove placeholders of your pouches and any other items that may be in your inventory. This allows you to use the ‘deposit all’ option to bank all of your runes in trip.

You’ll want to continue using your weight-reducing gear, but bring a good defensive shield as the monsters in this area are high level and can deal high damage. Use the official world 327 to do this with other players. You will have less chance of taking damage with more people in the area.

The banker requires 20 runes to open your bank. You cannot use combination runes, but any other cheap rune will do. Make sure you buy them in bulk before starting this method, as you will be using them frequently. The method does not pick up in money until around level 45. Although experience rates will not be great until about level 75.

Check out our full ZMI guide!

Astral Runecrafting

At level 82, you can craft double Astral Runes. This method is faster experience than Nature Runes, and allows for a much higher experience rate. You will need level 69 Magic for the Lunar Teleport spell, as well ass completion of Lunar Diplomacy. Equip a staff that gives you Earth Runes so you only need to carry Laws (you’ll craft the Astrals for the teleport spell).

Similar to ZMI, there are high level monsters in your path. We highly recommend you use a shield, and keep some food in your bank to use when you are low health. Generally, these should not pose any real threat to you.

The most efficient way to do this method is to run from the bank to the altar (see route to left). After crafting your runes, use the Lunar Teleport spell to get back to the bank quickly. Make sure you’re wearing your Seal of Passage to access the bank!

You should be able to see an experience rate of roughly 33,000 per hour here. This can be bumped up a bit with practice! You’ll be marking more profit than single Nature Runes, and without the risk of using the Abyss.

You’ll also want the NPC Contact spell unlocked. You can cast this to talk to the Dark Mage to repair your pouches without having to travel to the Abyss.

Lava Runecrafting

Very early on at level 23, you can start training with one of the fastest methods in the game. In order to start doing this effectively, you need to have completed Lunar Diplomacy and have at least 67 Magic (82 recommended) in order to use and repair pouches.

You’ll want to equip a Fire Tiara along with your best weight reducing gear. Additionally, you’ll need to stock up on the following items:

  • Earth Runes
  • Binding Necklaces
  • Rings of Dueling
  • Stamina Potions
  • Earth Talismans
  • Runes for NPC Contact

Now that you’re geared up, use your Ring of Dueling to teleport to the Duel Arena. Run west to enter the Fire Altar. Once inside, go to the altar and use your Earth Runes on the altar to create Lava Runes. This will consume your Earth Talisman. If you have 82 Magic, use the Magic Imbue spell once you enter the altar to avoid having to use Earth Talismans.

Use your Ring of Dueling to teleport to Castle Wars for a quick bank and restock, then repeat this process. Remember to keep your run energy replenished with Stamina Potions, and swap out your Binding Necklace when it breaks.

Blood/Soul Runecrafting

Crafting these two types of runes are both decent profit and experience, as well as being quite relaxing. That being said, they do come with some hefty requirements. You will need: 77/90 Runecrafting, 73 Agility, 38 Mining & Crafting, and 100% Arceuus favour. You will also need a Chisel in your inventory for both of these methods.

Start out by navigating to Zeah and heading to the Essence Mine. Mine a full inventory of Dense Essence Blocks. Make your way to the Dark Altar using the agility shortcut, and turn your essence into Dark Essence Blocks. Make your way back to the mines while using your Chisel on the blocks to break them down.

Mine another inventory full of Essence blocks, head to the Dark Altar again to transform them, then make your way to the Blood or Soul altar. Craft your runes, chisel your blocks, and craft again. Repeat this process.

F2P 1-99 Method

While Runecrafting is a free-to-play skill, the majority of its content is restricted to members. You can only craft runes up to level 20. Because of this, your options in training are exetremely limited, and will be incredibly slow.

Levels 1-9: Air Runes

In F2P, there are no available quests to give Runecrafting experience. You will need to run from the Falador bank to the Air altar and back until you reach level 9.

Levels 9-14: Earth Runes

Once again, F2P doesn’t offer any of the fancy teleports that members have. You’ll need to use the Varrock East bank to run back and forth to the Earth altar.

Levels 14-20: Fire Runes

While you cannot use Rings of Dueling to speed up crafting here, you can still use the bank chest in the Duel Arena. Run from the altar to the bank crafting runes until level 20.

Levels 20-99: Body Runes

This is the most common way to achieve 99 Runecrafting in F2P. You’ll be running from the Edgeville bank to the altar to crafting your runes. 


Congrats on receiving one of the most exclusive and renowned skillcapes in all of Oldschool RuneScape! No matter how you trained, it takes hard work and determination to achieve 99 Runecrafting. Wear your cape proudly.

You can purchase your skillcape from the Aubury inside of the Varrock Magic Store for 99,000 coins. While the skillcape is worn, your Runecrafting Pouches will never degrade, and you will have access to every altar without a tiara or talisman.