OSRS Quest Rewards: Complete XP Guide


Questing is a great way to level your account early on in OSRS. You can actually get hundreds of levels from quests alone. If you’re not making any sort of special account, it’s a good idea to set a Quest Cape as your first major goal.

Whether you’re just looking for a quick boost in a skill you don’t like, or just want to complete a quest with a certain reward, this list is for you! Below you can select any skill to view all of the OSRS quests that give experience for that skill.

Find Quests with reward experience in...

OSRS Attack Icon OSRS Strength Icon OSRS Defence Icon OSRS Ranged Icon OSRS Prayer Guide OSRS Magic Icon OSRS Runecrafting Icon OSRS Construction Icon OSRS Hitpoints Icon OSRS Agility Icon OSRS Herblore OSRS Thieving Icon OSRS Crafting Icon OSRS Fletching Icon OSRS Slayer Icon OSRS Hunter Icon OSRS Mining Icon OSRS Smithing Icon OSRS Fishing Icon OSRS Cooking Icon OSRS Firemaking Icon OSRS Woodcutting Icon OSRS Farming Icon

Each page will display a list of quests that give experience in your desired skill. Along with this, you’ll see a list of any additional requirements to complete the quest. Mini-quests and post-quest activites that give experience are included in the list as well!

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