OSRS World Ping Checker: How to Test Latency


What’s ping and why does it matter?

You’ve probably heard someone mention the word “ping” if you’ve played any online games. To keep it short, a ping is a connection test to a certain host. The faster you can reach a host, the lower your ping time will be. Ping tests are a great way to measure the latency between yourself and a server.

High ping times are often associated with lag. Whenever you’re doing something on OSRS, your ping will come into play. If you’re going to be PKing or taking on a dangerous boss fight, you’ll want to use the world with the lowest ping possible.

How to Check OSRS World Ping

Most online games these days will display your ping, or at least give you an option to see it. Unfortunately, as of now, Jagex does not provide this option.

Fear not! We can still check our ping to any world in OSRS relatively easily. Click the start button at the bottom left of your (Windows) computer, search for “cmd”, and open the program.

A small black command prompt will appear on your screen. Inside of this box, we can enter a command to check our ping. All we need to know is the number of the world.

Let’s test world 321! We’ll type this into the box: ping oldschool21.runescape.com

OSRS Ping Command

When testing a different world, you will only need to substitute the world number. You can ignore the “3” at the start of the world number, and if the world is under number 10, you can ignore the “30” at the beginning.

For example, the command to ping world 302 is: ping oldschool2.runescape.com and the command to ping world 352 is: ping oldschool52.runescape.com.

Reading Ping Results

With the command typed into your Command Prompt, press the Enter key to run it. It will take a few seconds to run the ping test, and then display the results for you.

OSRS Ping Results

At the bottom right, your average ping time should be displayed. In this case, my ping to this world is 19. When it comes to ping, you want to find a world that has the lowest number possible.

If you run the command and there is no response, it means that the server is currently offline.