Pest Control OSRS Guide: Rewards & Fast Points


How to Get to Pest Control

Pest Control can be accessed in a few different ways on OSRS. The quickest method being the Pest Control Teleport, which is a reward from Treasure Trails and can be bought on the Grand Exchange. These are often cheap, but if you’re an Ironman or cannot afford one, fear not!

OSRS Pest Control Teleport

An alternate, free way of transportation would be to use your free Minigame teleport. Open your quest tab, and switch to the Minigame (red) portion. Select Pest Control, then teleport. You can use this method to get here once every 20 minutes.

If neither of these methods newer methods are an option for you, there’s still the good ol’ fashioned way. Travel to Port Sarim, and head south until you see the Squire NPC. Speak to her to get a boat ride straight to Pest Control.

Game Requirements

Combat Level

The absolute minimum requirement to play Pest Control is level 40 Combat. There are three different boats, however, one requiring 70 Combat and the final requiring 100 Combat. The higher level the boat, the more rewards.


You will need at least 5 players to start a game of Pest Control. If you’re struggling to find others to play with or complete the minigame successfully, try using world 344. It is the official Pest Control world and is often full of others playing the minigame.

OSRS Pest Control Novice Boat

When using the high level boat, you’ll often see players advertising private worlds. Most will have a minimum level requirement displayed. If you meet the requirement, send them a trade offer. They will put a specific amount of coins into the trade which relates to the “private” world. For example: if the player puts 303 coins into the trade, the world is 303.


Points are not given to those who did not participate enough, even if you win. Within each game you will need to keep your activity bar in the green. If the game ends while your bar is red, you will not receive any rewards.

OSRS Pest Control Activity 1 OSRS Pest Control Activity 2

The easiest way to keep this bar up is to attack Portals and Spinners. These two give the most increase to your bar, while other monsters give a moderate amount. There are some non-combat related ways to gain points for repairing barriers and gates. We will talk about this in more detail in the Minigame Guide section.

Minigame Guide

This is a safe minigame! When you die, you will not lose any items and will respawn with fully restored stats. Bring your best combat equipment (non-degradable recommend).

Hardcore Ironman deaths are safe as well. Dying inside of the minigame does not mean you lost, you will respawn and be able to continue participating.

As we learned earlier, there are a few different ways to participate in Pest Control. There are a few important “roles” that can be played. While these are not expressly represented like in other minigames, they are all important to successfully completing a game.

Attacking Portals

To win a game of Pest Control, you must destroy all 4 portals before the Void Knight in the middle of the island dies. This is the most important job, and is great for all players who have a higher combat level.

There are a few different sequences in which portals will drop. Generally players will flock to different portals and take out the one whose shield drops first. If you have plenty of players, and the first shield to drop is on the other side of the map, it will be more efficient to stay where you’re at.

OSRS Pest Control Portal

No matter if the shield at the portal you’re next to has dropped or not, keep attacking the monsters who spawn. Especially Spinners! Spinners will heal the portal, and if too many of them build up, you’re going to have a hard time out-damaging their heals.

The other monsters will begin to funnel into the central area to attack the Void Knight. Do your best to stop them, but keep your focus on the Spinners and Portals.

Protecting the Void Knight

Even with a full game of 25 players, it can be hard to win the game without a few people protecting the Void Knight. As the game goes on, monsters will be spawning out of any active portals and heading straight to the center (unless attacked).

OSRS Pest Control Knight

Shifters in particular will quickly make their way to the center and be the main focus of your time here. Torchers also have an incredibly long ranged attack, and can hit the Void Knight from as far as outside of the gates. Make sure the gates are shut and repaired to easily block them.

The number of players doing this highly depends on how many are in your team, and their respective levels. I generally consider this better for low-mid level players because they will do more damage to the monsters than the portals.

Repairing Barriers/Gates (Non-Combat)

Obviously you can still participate with combat while doing this method, but if you do not want any combat experience this is what you’ll be stuck with. You will need to bring a Hammer!

OSRS Pest Control Repairs

It would be wise to stock up on some normal Logs if you plan to do this method for an extended amount of time. The reason being, there are only a limited number of non-respawnable trees within Pest Control. If there are multiple people doing this, you may not be able to access the supplies needed without bringing your own.

Kandarin Headgear can be helpful as well if doing this method. While equipped, you will receive two logs from each tree. The requirements for this item are very low, and can be accessed well before 40 Combat.

Fastest Points

Using the highest level boat that you have access to is the quickest way to earn points. However, that is assuming the boat is not failing any games. If you are continuously losing games in a high level boat, keep moving down one tier until you are consistently winning.

OSRS Pest Control Boats

The novice boat receives 3 points, the Intermediate boat receives 4, and the Veteran boat receives 5 per win. If you lose multiple games in a row on the Veteran boat, you would be better off winning games on one of the lower tiered boats.

Generally you can win high level games consistently if you meet the requirements for “private” worlds.


Void Knight Armour

Void Armour is by far the biggest rewards offered from Pest Control. Most players play the minigame solely to get their hands on a set of this armour. It has incredibly low stat requirements, and offers a huge accuracy buff when the entire set is equipped.

OSRS Pest Control Rewards 3

The Elite variant of the armour is also highly coveted for its additional Prayer, Magic and Ranged buffs. Upon completion of the Western Provinces Hard tasks, you will be able to upgrade your top and robes for 200 points each.


Your points can also be traded in directly for experience in combat skills. This is often used by players who want to create unique account builds, as you can earn points without actually training combat during the game.

OSRS Pest Control Rewards 1

Bonus experience is awarded for trading in higher amounts of points. If you plan to train an account like this, it is advised not to trade in your points until you have saved at least 100. You can actually receive well over 100,000 experience per hour in any combat skill (excluding Prayer) with this method.

Resource Packs

There are three available resource packs which can be purchased. Each of them require level 25 in their respective skill (Herblore, Mining, Farming) to be purchased.

OSRS Pest Control Rewards 2

These packs typically only give an assortment of low level materials, and are not worth it unless you have extra points that you do not plan to spend on anything else. Ironman accounts can access all of these packs, so it may work well in that scenario. There are generally better ways to obtain these items though.