OSRS Mining Guide 1-99: P2P & F2P Methods



In this OSRS Mining guide you will learn the quickest and most effective ways to train. Mining has quite a few different training methods that cater to different styles. Some methods are AFK and generate a profit, others are intense and don’t net you any gold.

Mining experience rates are not particularly high under any circumstances. As with most gathering skills, it’s going to require a bit of your time. The general idea will be to mine ores and drop them for fast experience, or bank them to profit but receive slower experience rates.

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Useful Items

Prospector’s Outfit

Early on in your Mining training, you will be able to access the Motherlode Mine. We will go in-depth with this area later in the guide, however there is something important to keep in mind. Motherlode Mine is by no means the fastest way to train, but it goes have some great rewards. Even if you do not plan to use MLM, consider training there only until you can purchase the helpful rewards.

OSRS Prospectors Outfit

The Prospector’s Outfit can be purchased for 180 Golden Nuggets, and will give you a 2.5% Mining experience boost when worn. Asides from the boosting equipment set, the Gem Bag can be helpful while training in other locations or when doing Gemstone Mining.

Varrock Armour

This reward from the Varrock Diaries will give you a chance to mine multiple ores. You will receive experience for both ores. Depending on which task set you complete, the armour will only work on certain ores.

Armour Extra Ore Chance Works On
Varrock Armour 1 10% All ore up to Coal
Varrock Armour 2 10% All ore up to Mithril (Lovakite included)
Varrock Armour 3 10% All ore up to Adamant
Varrock Armour 4 10% All ore up to Amethyst

Note that this armour only works on ore. It will not provide a chance at double resources from Blast Mining, Motherlode Mine, Gem Rocks or the Volcanic Mine.

Dragon Pickaxe

Requiring level 61 Mining to use, the Dragon Pickaxe is the best in the entire game. It has a special attack that can be used to boost your Mining level by 3. It comes at a bit of a steep price, but if you plan to be Mining all the way up to 99 it is vital.

You’ll also be able to upgrade it with a Smouldering Stone. This requires 85 Smithing, but will make your pickaxe have the chance to smelt ores automatically after they are mined. This lasts for 5,000 ores, then the pickaxe will revert back to normal.

Mining Gloves

These gloves will make it so that you have a small chance of an ore deposit not depleting. When this occurs, you will continue to mine the ore without having to click on it again. There are three different versions of the gloves, each offering better benefits.

They need to be purchased within the Mining Guild. While training there, you will randomly receive Unidentified Minerals which can be used to purchase all three tiers of gloves.

Type Works With No Depletion Chance Cost
Mining Gloves Silver, Coal, Gold 50%, 40%, 33.33% 60 Unidentified Minerals
Superior Mining Gloves Mithril, Adamantite, Runite 25%, 16.66%, 12.5% 120 Unidentified Minerals
Expert Mining Gloves Silver, Coal, Gold, Mithril, Adamantite, Runite, Amethyst 50%, 40%, 33.33%, 25%, 16.66%, 12.5%, 25% 240 Unidentified Minerals


Levels 1-32 Fast

Starting out, we can easily skip many low levels by doing some quests. Firstly, you will need to complete Doric’s Quest. You can pre-buy 2 Iron, 4 Copper and 6 Clay, then start and finish the quest in one dialogue!

Once you’ve done that, complete the The Dig Site quest. This does have some other slight skill requirements, so you will not be able to jump into this as a fresh account. 

OSRS Dig Site Quest

Completing these two quests will get your Mining level from 1 to 32 without touching a single ore! All account types can complete these quests, there are no restrictions for pures or skillers. This method is only takes about 35 minutes (considering you have the skills required for The Dig Site) than training traditionally. 

P2P 1-99 Method

Levels 1-15: Copper/Tin Ore

If for some reason you cannot complete the two quests in the section above, you will begin your journey with mining Copper/Tin. These ores are not valuable, and should be dropped for faster experience. The fastest way to drop ore from your inventory is to shift-click!

Copper and Tin can be found in the mine directly south of Lumbridge, near the fishing location and swamp.

OSRS Copper Location OSRS Copper Map

Levels 15-35/70: Iron Ore

Powermining Iron is a great method of training, and is even viable (but not the best) all the way up to 99. Once your level is high enough, you’ll begin to mine the ore almost instantly. Due to this, it’s best to use a location which has three Iron rocks next to each other. The easiest of these locations to access is just east of Ardougne.

OSRS Ardougne Iron Location OSRS Ardougne Iron Map

Once you reach level 60 Mining, you’ll gain access to the Mining Guild. The guild offers multiple three rock Iron spots, and a bank close by for banking the ores. This can be decent profit and experience per hour. While training here, you’ll receive Unidentified Minerals. These can be traded to the shop to purchase the two available Mining Gloves.

OSRS Mining Guild Iron

Levels 35-70/99: Motherlode Mine

MLM is the most AFK Mining experience the game has to offer. It can be found within the cave in the just south of the main entrance to the Dwarven Mines. Once inside, you can begin to mine the Ore veins in the wall to receive Pay-dirt.

OSRS Motherlode Mine

Once you have a full inventory, head to the center area. Deposit your Pay-dirt into the Hopper. The Pay-dirt will move down towards the Sack on the opposite side. Once it has arrived, the Sack can be looted to receive any ores that you are able to mine. For example, you will not receive Runite ore until you reach level 85 Mining.

OSRS Pay Dirt

OSRS Motherlode Mine Rewards

While Mining, you may receive Golden Nuggets. These are used as currency for Prospector Percy’s shop. You’ll be able to purchase lots of different helpful Mining items here. When you reach level 72, you can pay him 100 nuggets to gain access to the upper level of the Motherlode Mine. This area is often less crowded and is closer to the bank and hopper.

Levels 61-99: Gem Mining

It is highly recommended to have completed the Karamja Hard Diary for this method.

Gemstones can be mined in the northwest corner of Shilo Village. Instead of receiving ore, you will receive a random gem up to Diamond. While wearing Karamja Gloves 3 or 4, you can access the ladder next to the Gemstones. This area has 48 Gemstones that can be mined, and a bank sitting directly in the middle.

OSRS Gem Mining

You can make up to 600k profit per hour depending on gem prices, and about 45k-50k Mining experience per hour. This method is not the fastest, but provides a great source of profit while remaining a relax training method.

Levels 70-99: 3-tick Granite

This method is pretty tricky to get the hang of, but it is without a doubt the quickest method of reaching level 99. Firstly, you’ll want to set up your inventory like so: one Clean Harralander, one Clean Tarromin, 100+ Swamp Tar, and a Pestle and mortar.

Within your inventory ready to go, let’s head to the quarry. The quickest way there is by taking the magic carpet at Shanty Pass to the Bedabin Camp. Once you arrive, run south past the Bandits and around a slight mountain into the quarry.

OSRS Granite Map

OSRS 3tick Inventory

The basic idea of 3-tick Mining is to use the animation of creating tar to speed up your movements. Using the tar on the herb, or vise versa, will start an animation. You can quickly click off somewhere else to cancel it. It’s a very hard concept to wrap your head around initially, and a text guide doesn’t quite do it justice. Take a look at this explanation by Autumn Elegy.

Levels 70-99: Volcanic Mine

Access to the Volcanic Mine requires completion of Bone Voyage, 150 Kudos, and five Unidentified Small Fossils must be claimed from Peter in the Museum Camp. It is dangerous and requires high-level gear to do efficiently.

Before starting to train in the Volcanic Mine, consider your gear and inventory setup. You want to maximize your Prayer bonus while still maintaining the experience boost of the Prospector set. Make sure to fill about half of your inventory with good food, and 1 prayer potion. You will also need 30 Numulites to enter each game.

Once you enter the mine, you will have 30 seconds before the Volcano starts to rumble. During the course of the time you will have 10 minutes to mine as much as you can and escape. Any players left inside the Volcano after 10 minutes will die during the eruption. Make sure to protect from Range throughout the game as the monsters will deal much more damage if you do not.

The minigame can be played solo, but experience per hour is increased by the number of players you have helping you. While you can start the minigame at level 50, it is not recommended to participate until at least level 70 due to lower experience rates.

Levels 75-99: Blast Mining

Blast Mining requires 100% favour in the Lovakengj house. See how to lock in your favour here.

The reason the Blast Mine is so popular at level 75 is because you can actually receive Runite ore. The special perk of the Blast Mine is that you can receive ores 10 levels under their actual requirement. Your profit per hour will be significantly lower when training here under level 75.

The Blast Mine can be found in the northern-most section of Great Kourend in the Lovakengj area. It requires a Chisel, Tinderbox, and Dynamite. Firstly you will use your Chisel on the hard rock, then place the Dynamite inside and light it with your Tinderbox. After doing so, make sure to move at least 3 tiles away from it to avoid taking damage.

After the explosion, collect all of the Blasted Ore found on the ground and immediately deposit it into the Sack near the Operator NPC. Collect your newly obtained ores whenever the bag is full.

It is best to follow a rotation when training here to best avoid waiting for respawns and taking damage. There are multiple locations in which this can be found, and is best explained by this video.

Levels 85-99: Runite Mining

While this method will certainly not be the fastest method of training, it remains one of the most lucrative money making methods in the game. Be warned, there is a lot of competition for these rocks. Many bots will frequent just about all of the Runite rock locations.

Most Runite rock locations will either have some requirements to access or will be located in a dangerous area. Below you can find all of the available locations and their requirements.

  • Mining Guild (60 Mining reqs.)

There are two Runite rocks in the member’s area of the Mining Guild. This is by far the easiest location to access, but it is often crowded.

  • Heroes Guild (Completion of Heroes’ Quest)

Found at the end of the basement in the Heroes Guild, there are two Runite rocks. This location is easy to access with a Games Necklace (Burthrope Games Room teleport).

  • Neitiznot (Completion of The Freminnik Isles)

There is one Runite rock located in the central isles of this area. Cross the two north-eastern bridges to reach them quickly. Be cautious of the trolls in this area, they can deal incredibly high damage.

  • Fossil Island (Completion of Bone Voyage)

Two Runite rocks can be found at the mine just northeast of the central bank on Fossil Island.

  • TzHaar City (Requires a Fire Cape)

In the southeast part of Mor Ul Rek you can find a mine with three Runite rocks. This is a great location if you have a Fire Cape as this requirement cuts off a significant portion of the lower level miners.

  • Mourner Dungeon (Completion of Mourning’s End Part I)

There is one Runite rock located in this area. It is in the far end of the tunnels around the Dark Beasts. You can create a safespot using the rock and the wall, but the Dark Beasts will be aggressive towards you.

  • Lava Maze (Wilderness Level 46)

On the northern side of the Lava Maze you will be able to find two Runite rocks. This is the only location that can be accessed by F2P accounts.

  • Lava Maze Dungeon (Wilderness Level 45)

Located inside the dungeon around the center of the Lava Maze, there is a singular Runite Rock. This rock is not recommended as there are plenty of high level monsters here, and it is fairly hard to escape from any potential PKers.

  • Ice Plateau (Wilderness Level 50+)

Found just west of the Mage Bank and Wilderness Agility course, there are three Runite rocks. Although this location is the deepest in the Wilderness, it is much easier to escape by the Mage Bank

F2P 1-99 Method

Unfortunately due to The Dig Site quest being members-only, you can only complete Doric’s Quest for a quick boost. This is still recommended and will boost you straight to level 10.

Keep in mind that your best available pickaxe will be Rune. It is advised to drop all of your ores for faster experience rates.

Levels 1-15: Copper/Tin Ore

Following the P2P guide above, you will want to start mining just south of Lumbridge. Mine either Copper or Tin, and drop the ores for the fastest experience possible. Banking them is not worth it unless you are an Ironman account.

Levels 15-99: Iron Ore

The absolute fastest method of training your Mining skill in F2P is by powermining Iron ores. Banking will significantly cut down on your experience rates, so only do this is you are in need of the extra gold.

Powermining can be done best at a spot that has three rocks available in the same tile. The best location for this is the Al Kharid mine. Keep in mind that there are level 14 Scorpions here that will be aggressive to lower levels.

OSRS F2P Iron Location

OSRS F2P Iron Map

If you’re interested in banking the ores, some other notable locations are Varrock mines (east or west), Falador mine, and Rimmington mine. The reward for the effort put in is not quite worth it, though. There are much better ways to make money more efficiently in F2P and I highly recommend that you drop your ores for faster training.


Woohoo! Congratulations on achieving level 99 Mining! You’ve probably made a pretty penny while training this skill, or are sick and tired of looking at Granite all day. Either way, you earned it!

You can purchase your skillcape from Gadrin just outside the Mining Guild for 99,000 coins. While the skillcape is worn, you have an increased 5% chance to mine double ores up to Adamant. This stacks with all other bonuses!

OSRS Mining Skillcape