How to Lock in Favor OSRS (All Houses)


Favor System Overview

There are five different factions (or “houses”) scattered across Great Kourend in Zeah. Each house offers different bonuses and rewards for participating in their specific activities. When you actively work on gaining favor in one house, your favor will decrease in other houses.

This is why it is important to know how to lock in favor in OSRS. When you reach 100% favor in any house, you’ll be able to speak to the architect of that house to lock in your favor. Afterwards, gaining favor in other houses will not lower your locked in favor.

Before you get started you can speak to Hosa, the architect for the Hosidius house, to start a miniquest called Architectural Alliance. The miniquest involves achieving 100% favor in all houses.

Hosidius House

To lock in favor for the Hosidius house you will need to speak to Hosa, located just outside the Kourend Castle. He’s standing just in front of the King Rada I statue. Hosidius house favor is earned by helping with the farms in the area, and by preparing different foods.

OSRS Hosa Location OSRS Hosa

Arceuus House

Favor can be locked into the Arceuus house by speaking to Arcis. He is located in the building directly north-east of the bank. Gaining favor for this house will involve mining essence blocks, helping out in the libraries, and learning to use the Arceuus Spellbook.

OSRS Arceuus Location OSRS Arcis

Lovakengj House

Speak to Lovada, the Lovakengj architect to lock in your 100% house favor. She can be found in a building directly south of the Blast Mine, northwest of the central furnace. Most of your time spent gaining favor for this house will be mining resources to make dynamite or smithing armor.

OSRS Lovakengj Location OSRS Lovada

Shayzien House

Shayda, the house architect for the Shayzien house can be found in a house directly north-west of the bank. Speak to her to lock in your 100% house favor. Most Shayzien house favor will be gained via some form of combat. You’ll start off healing wounded soldiers, and advance to fighting gangs within the city and Lizardmen outside of it.

OSRS Shayzien Location OSRS Shayda

Piscarillus House

You can speak to Piliar to lock in your favor for the Piscarillus house. He can be found in a house in the south-central area of the faction. You will cross a bridge going south, and he is in the west side of the central two homes. Piscarillus favor is gained by assisting with fishing in the area. Repairing nets and collecting bait are what you will be doing. Later on you will be able to do a thieving method as well.

OSRS Piscarillus Location OSRS Piliar

Check Locked Favor

You can confirm that your favor is locked for a specific house by checking your quest log. Scroll to the bottom and select the Architectural Alliance mini-quest. Once opened, it will display a list of all the houses you still need an architect for. If the house is not crossed out, your favor is not locked! Make sure to go through all dialogues with each architect.

Hosa’s dialogue in particular can be confusing as to whether or not your favor has been locked. Make sure to double check before starting another house!

OSRS Zeah Favor Check