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Imp Catcher Quest Guide

Quest Overview

Imp Catcher in OSRS is one of the quickest early quests you can complete for easy Magic experience. Ironmen will have a more difficult time as they cannot buy the required items from the Grand Exchange.

If using the buying method (recommended), the quest can be complete within about a minute. You will go from level 1 to 8 Magic after completing the quest.


Quests: None

Skills: None

Items: Black Bead, White Bead, Yellow Bead, Red Bead

Rewards: 875 Magic XP, Amulet of Accuracy, 1 Quest Point

Step 1

Head over to the Grand Exchange and purchase a Black, White, Yellow, and Red Bead. Their prices hover around rougly 1,000 coins each and should buy instantly.



Make your way to the Monestary south of Ardougne with casts for Fire Strike (or any other magic spell). There are many Imp spawns in this area and it is the easiest location to farm them in. If you have an Ardougne Cloak from diaries, it can teleport you directly here.

Kill Imps until you get each of the four beads.


Step 2

With the Beads in your inventory, make your way to the Wizard’s Tower. An easy early teleport is the Draynor Village option on the Amulet of Glory. Once at the tower, climb to the top floor and speak to Wizard Mizgog. Use dialogue option 1.

As long as the beads are in your inventory, the quest will automatically complete after a short cutscene!


Quest Complete