Herb Run OSRS Farming Guide (All Herb Patches!)


Why should I do herb runs?

OSRS herb runs have extremely low requirements to start doing efficiently. Each run can profit anywhere from 50k-100k and upwards depending on current prices. Herbs only take 80 minutes to grow fully, meaning you can do runs very frequently.

Each run only takes about five minutes to complete fully, sometimes even less if you have the most optimal teleports available. As early as level 32, you’ll be able to harvest one of the most profitable herbs.

On top of the great, passive money, you’ll be getting some relatively decent Farming experience. I’ve personally farmed herbs solely from levels 32-80 and made an incredible profit while training other skills. To put it simply, if you aren’t doing herbs run – you’re missing out!

Useful Quests & Unlocks

Before we begin doing our runs, let’s take a look at some helpful resources that will allow us to do more efficient runs. Note that absolutely none of these are required, but will improve your profits and run speeds significantly. Try to unlock as many of them as you can.

Magic Secateurs

This is wieldable version of the Secateurs tool that you need to harvest herbs. When wielded, it grants you a 10% bonus yield of herbs. This difference is crucial to getting more herbs during your runs. It is unlocked by completing the Fairytale I – Growing Pains quest.


When using Ultracompost on an herb patch, you are guaranteed a minimum of six herbs. In addition to this, it will reduce the chance of your herbs being diseased by up to 90% per growth stage. This is super effective when farming any herbs that create a high profit and/or have expensive seeds. The cheaper Supercompost can also be effective, but only use this on cheaper seeds.

Graceful Armour

Herb runs will have you running around the map quite a bit. It’s best to have the lowest weight possible in order to allow your run energy to last longer. See this guide to find out more about Graceful and how to unlock it quickly.


If you plan on using the Port Phasmatys patch, this item is almost necessary. It is unlocked by completing the Ghosts Ahoy quest. It allows you to easily teleport to the Ectofuntus Temple which is very close to the herb patch in the area.

Explorer’s Ring 2+

Completion of the medium Lumbridge & Draynor diary will award you with this ring. It allows you to teleport to the cabbage patch just south of the Falador herb patch up to three times per day. In addition to this, it can also restore half of your run energy two times per day. The Explorer’s Ring 3 will allow you to teleport an unlimited number of times.

My Arm’s Big Adventure

In order to use the Troll Stronghold patch, you must complete the My Arm’s Big Adventure quest.

The Troll Stronghold patch is one of the most “out there” patches. Completing the Edgar’s Ruse quest will allow you to teleport to a close location. If you do not have the Magic level to use the spell, you can modify house teleport tablets to redirect to Trollheim.

Level 25 Construction

With this Construction level, you can talk to an Estate Agent to change your house location to just outside of the Hosidius House. This is an easy way to access the herb patch in Great Kourend.

Stamina Potions

If you have a low Agility level, no Graceful gear, or don’t have very many quick teleports unlocked – these will help you greatly. It is completely worth using 1-2 doses per run if necessary, you will still make a profit and your runs will be much more efficient.

Herb Patches

There a total of 9 herb patches scattered around OSRS. About 5-6 of them are easily accessible for most accounts. Some have high requirements to access, but don’t fear! Herb runs are completely worth it even if you can only quickly access 4 patches.

South of Falador

This patch can be easily accessed by the Explorer’s Ring 2 cabbage patch teleport. If you do not have this item, use the Amulet of Glory to teleport to Draynor or use a Falador teleport.

OSRS Herb Run Falador


The Catherby patch is one of the easiest to access. Use a Camelot teleport and run east until you reach the patch. If you’re using the Lunar Spellbook teleport, you will run north instead.

OSRS Herb Run Camelot

Troll Stronghold

Use a Trollheim teleport to the top of the mountain. Use the Agility shortcuts to make your way down the west side. Follow the path north-west past the troll camp and into the Stronghold. Head up the ladder inside to access the patch.

OSRS Herb Run Trollheim


Change your house location to Great Kourend. Use a house teleport to quickly access this area. From here, run north until you reach the patch. Xeric’s Talisman is another good option here.

OSRS Herb Run Zeah

Harmony Island

With completion of the Morytania Elite diaries, you can use the herb patch on Harmony Island. A Harmony Island teleport tablet is the easiest way to access this area. The Arceuus spellbook also has a teleport, but requires at least 60% Arceuus favour as well as level 65 Magic.

OSRS Herb Run Harmony Island


Accessing this patch is only worth it if you have the Ectophial unlocked. The run otherwise is too far/long to be worth your time. Use your Ectophial and run to the west until you reach the patch.

OSRS Herb Run Canifis


If you have access to the Ardougne Cloak 2+, you can use the cape to teleport directly to the herb patch. Otherwise, the easiest method would be an Ardouge teleport, then run north to the patch.

OSRS Herb Run Ardougne


Use the fairy ring network to teleport to code DKS. Head west from here and speak to Larry to travel on his boat. When you arrive, head to the east and enter the cave. Continue south-west until you reach a boulder that can be crossed to reach the patch.

OSRS Herb Run Weiss

Farming Guild

An herb patch is available in the tier 2 or higher Farming Guild. It can be very easily accessed by the Farming Guild teleport on the Skills Necklace.

OSRS Herb Run Farming Guild

Herb Chart

Now that you’ve decided which locations you want to use, and have gathered up all of your helpful gear, it’s time to choose what type of Herb to plant. Prices will vary, but the chart below will give you a good idea of what to plant. Some herbs offer more experience, but less money, and vice versa. Even if you’re doing Herb runs for experience and not pure profit, some herbs will still be very beneficial for both.

Profit is calculated assuming that you have the Magic Secateurs and are using Ultracompost.

Herb Running

You’re now ready to do your first herb run! Your inventory should consistent of herb seeds, one ultracompost for every patch that you want to use, and all of the teleportation items that you need. Bring along a Spade, Seed Dibber and a Rake in case the patches grow weeds after harvesting.

Make sure to use compost on the disease-free patches because it will increase the yield! If you notice that you run out of energy during your runs, consider bringing a Stamina Potion.

The path you take will be different depending on which patches you choose to do. I personally do: Ardougne -> Troll Stronghold -> Canifis -> Hosidius -> Catherby -> Falador.

OSRS Tool Leprechaun

When your inventory fills up with herbs, use them on the Tool Leprechaun to note them. This saves an incredible amount of time by not having to bank between each patch. Keep in mind that Grimy herbs are worth more money than cleaned herbs, if you’re just in it for the profit – do not clean them. Ironmen can benefit by cleaning them after harvesting so that you do not have to clean herbs in bulk at a later time.

Repeat your run every 80 minutes for maximum profit!