“You cannot sell that item until your account is older” OSRS


Have you recently started playing OSRS? You may have came across the “you cannot sell that item until your account is older” message when trying to use the Grand Exchange.

This restriction was implemented by Jagex shortly after the release of free-to-play worlds. All new F2P accounts have restricted Grand Exchange access until one of the following requirements are met:

  • 7 Quest Points
  • 24 Hours of active in-game time
  • Upgrade to P2P

Removing the Restriction

Obviously, the quickest solution would be to purchase membership. If this isn’t something you’d like to do just yet, don’t worry! You can complete a few quests to obtain 7 quest points in under an hour.

Follow either of these quest orders to remove the limit quickly:

  • Romeo & Juliet – 5 QP
  • Goblin Diplomacy – 5 QP

If you don’t want to do Goblin Diplomacy:

  • Cook’s Assistant – 1 QP
  • Sheep Shearer – 1 QP
  • Romeo & Juliet – 5 QP

Why is there a restriction?

Originally the restriction was much harsher. You could not actively use the Grand Exchange for up to 48 full hours of ingame play time.

These were put in place to help prevent botters and gold farming. Creating free-to-play accounts and “suicide” botting, or botting them consistently until they are banned, is a common practice for bot farms.

They would abuse the free-to-play worlds with hundreds of fake accounts. They’d dump off the items they’ve collected into the Grand Exchange and transfer the money to a different account before they ultimately get banned.

Is this an annoyance for new players? For sure. But is it good for the game’s overall health? Absolutely.

The quests listed above can be completed in well under an hour of gameplay. It’s a small price to pay for keeping the game safe from people who only want to exploit it.