OSRS Gold Guide: Skilling, Combat & AFK Methods


Earning gold in OSRS is something you’re going to spend a lot of time doing. Whether you’re trying to earn gold to upgrade your gear or train expensive skills, there are tons of different methods that you can do at any level.

In this guide we’re going to take a look at some of the most lucrative methods of getting yourself some OSRS gold.


Agility (100k-200k/hr)

Believe it or not, Agility can actually make you some serious cash! It’s important to get yourself a full set of Graceful armor to start off, but afterwards you can use your Marks of grace to earn a hefty amount of cash.

Prices will vary, but each Mark of grace is worth roughly 10,000gp each. This skill can be trained straight away with very minimal requirements to access new courses. It’s a great way to earn some extra gold while training a useful skill.

See our full Agility guide for more details.

Hunting Chinchompas (200k-1m/hr)

There are three types of chinchompas to hunt in the game:

  • Grey Chinchompas – Level 53
  • Red Chinchompas – Level 63
  • Black Chinchompas – Level 73

Many players use the first two tiers of chinchompa for training their Ranged skill. Black chinchompas are typically used for dealing high AoE damage to certain bosses. Because of this, they are always in high demand.

The higher your hunter level, the quicker you will be able to catch them and the more traps you can set at once. Your hourly rates will vary heavily depending on your level.

Red chinchompas tend to be heavily botted, so completing the hard Western Provinces diary is recommended to gain your own private hunting spot. Black chinchompas are located fairly deep in the wilderness, so you’ll want to bank often and bring along teleports and supplies to escape PKers.

Runecrafting (200k-1.5m/hr)

Almost every gives Runecrafting slack for being one the most slow, tedious, and just flat out boring skills to train. Although this may be true, it still provides a great source of money.

Crafting Nature, Law, or Death runes at the lower levels through the abyss can net you anywhere from 300k-500k/hr. While this may seem a little low for a skill that can take ages to train, it increases to much higher profits at higher levels.

Once you are able to craft double Astral runes at level 82, you can start making around 1m/hr with Runecrafting. This further increases when you reach level 91 for double Nature runes or level 99 for double Death runes to 1.3m/hr.

At level 95 you can begin crafting Wrath runes. These are a new addition to OSRS and allow you to cast high level Surge spells. This is very popular among PKers, so naturally the runes are worth lots of OSRS gold. You will be able to see profits nearing 1.7m/hr at maximum attention.

See our Runecrafting guide for more information on all of these methods.


Vorkath (2m-3.5m/hr)

By far the most consistent way to make money on OSRS currently is to kill the boss Vorkath. It requires completion of the quest Dragon Slayer II, and some high Ranged and Defence levels to do this method effectively.

High End PvM (1m-3.5m/hr)

For the sake of providing some variety in methods in this guide, here is a list of many late game bosses and monsters that can be killed for a high amount of profit:

  • Cerberus
  • Raids 1 & 2
  • Alchemical Hydra
  • Demonic Gorillas
  • Abyssal Sire
  • Zulrah
  • GWD Bosses
  • Wilderness Bosses
  • Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

Barrows (500k-1m/hr)

Barrows items are extremely useful for any account that trains up to level 70 Defence. They provide a great defensive bonus and are relatively cheap when bought in parts. Each full set provides its own special bonus that is useful for both PvP and PvM alike.

This armor will always be in high demand, and with the right stats, you can actually start doing Barrows runs very early on. The main thing you’ll need is a decent magic spell, overhead protection prayers, and a decent melee weapon (Dragon or better recommended).

Killing Green Dragons (300k-400k/hr)

One of the oldest methods of earning gold in the game is killing Green Dragons in the wilderness. Dragon bones are used by almost every player looking to train their Prayer skill, and are almost always worth a few thousand coins each. The hides are great money too!

They are located in level 13 of the Wilderness, so make sure to bring cheap gear that you don’t mind losing in case you run into any PKers. It’s very helpful to bring a one-click teleport method like a teleport tablet. 

If you see any person in magic gear running towards you, it’s safe to assume they’re going to teleblock and attack you. Click your tablet to get away before they even get the chance!


Cutting Magic Logs (100k-130k/hr)

Starting at level 75 Woodcutting you can begin cutting Magic trees. With access to the Woodcutting Guild, you can find lots of these trees located conveniently next to a bank. You’ll start to see a higher profit around level 90 Woodcutting, but this is an incredibly simple task that works great for AFKing or mobile money making.

You can find more information about the Woodcutting guild in our guide.

Cooking Karambwan & Dark Crabs (150k-250k/hr)

You can start cooking Karambwan as low as level 30, but due to burn rates your profits will be much higher at higher cooking levels. If you’re not 99 Cooking already, it’s important to get yourself a pair of Cooking gauntlets as well.

Cooking is a fairly AFK skill that can be done without moving your character at all. Using the Rogue’s Den, you can stand directly next to a Banker and a permanent fire. With the help of bank options, you can set your items to be withdrawn and deposited with one click.

Learn more about burn rates and cooking with our full guide here.

Catching Dark Crabs (250k-350k/hr)

With a high requirement of 95 Fishing, this is one of the best AFK methods. Fishing can be one of the lowest effort skills in the entire game, and this method earns you more OSRS gold than most.

That being said, there is a bit of risk involved with this method. Dark crabs are caught deep in the Wilderness, inside of the resource area. To avoid banking, you’ll want to bring along some money to note your Dark crabs by talking to the NPC named Piles. It’s also highly recommended to bring some cheap defensive armor, and a slash weapon to cut through webs deep in the wilderness to help you escape potential PKers.

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