OSRS Fletching Guide – 1-99 Method [Updated 2019]



Fletching is a skill entirely revolved around making ranged equipment and ammunition. From bows to crossbows, arrows to javelins, you’re able to craft almost everything. This guide will help keep you on the right track for your OSRS fletching training.

Typically this skill can be used as a decent moneymaking method. Many players use bows as a cheap item to use for high alchemy Magic training. On the other hand, it can be trained incredibly quickly at a large loss of gold.

In this OSRS fletching guide, we will cover both methods of training. Along with this, we will list some alternate niche methods. This will help you choose a route to 99 fletching that is most beneficial for your account.

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Questing is an important and easy way to level up all of your OSRS skills. If you plan on training up all of your skills, questing will often be the way to go. This will allow you to skip the slow and tedious lower levels.

Completing the following quests in order will raise your fletching level from 1 to 29. However, some of these do have mid-level requirements in other skills, so it may not be preferred.

  • Animal Magnetism
  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters
  • Temple of Ikov
  • Fremennik Trials
  • Devious Minds

Standard 1-99 Method

This is the standard route to 99 that will work well for any type of account. Little gold is needed to start fletching, and you will begin to profit from it towards the mid-level of the skill. Interested in the most profitable or fastest way to train fletching? Continue reading to the bottom for alternative methods.

Levels 1-10: Arrow Shafts

Starting at level 1, one of the only things you’ll be able to create are Arrow Shafts. Although you will unlock Shortbows at level 5, they give the same amount of experience as Arrow Shafts. Arrow Shafts are my personal preferred method, due to the fact that they stack in your inventory, allowing for slightly easier banking. Either way, you will be able to achieve level 10 fairly quickly no matter which method you choose.

Reaching this level requires 388 experience, meaning you need to fletch 78 logs into Arrow Shafts.

Levels 10-20: Longbows

Once you hit level 10, switch to fletching Longbows. These still require regular logs, and you have the ability to string them. Stringing most bows will be much faster, and generally more profit, but are not as AFK.

Early levels generally will not profit from stringing, but you won’t lose too much money in comparison. Fletching logs into bows is much more relaxing, but if you’re wanting to level a bit quicker you can choose to string them.

Reaching this level requires 3,316 experience, meaning you need to fletch 332 logs into Longbows.

Levels 20-25: Oak Shortbows

Now that you’re level 25, you can start fletching Oak items. Begin with shortbows from levels 20 to 25. From this point on, keep in mind that you can also string bows. It won’t be mentioned further in the guide, but it is a viable option for any type of bow. Stringing bows to 99 will be significantly faster than making unstrung bows.

Reaching this level requires 4,082 experience, meaning you need to fletch 205 logs into Shortbows.

Levels 25-35: Oak Longbows

Switch to Oak Longbows as soon as you can at level 25, and continue doing this until you can fletch Willow items.

Reaching this level requires 14,564 experience, meaning you need to fletch 583 logs into Longbows.

Levels 35-40: Willow Shortbows

Once you’ve unlocked willow tier bows, switch to fletching Willow Shortbows.

Reaching this level requires 14,818 experience, meaning you need to fletch 446 logs into Shortbows.

Levels 40-50: Willow Longbows

At level 40, begin making Willow Longbows. You’ll do this up until you can start making Maple bows. You’ll notice that  around this point, you’re going to be required to make many more bows to reach your next milestone.

Reaching this level requires 64,109 experience, meaning you need to fletch 1,545 logs into Longbows.

Levels 50-55: Maple Shortbows

Once you hit level 50, you can start fletching Maple tier items. You should stick to shortbows for the next five levels.

Reaching this level requires 65,303 experience, meaning you need to fletch 1,307 logs into Shortbows.

Levels 55-65: Maple Longbows

After you reach level 55, you’ll be done with shortbows… and, you guessed it! Time to switch to longbows until we are able to fletch Yew logs.

Reaching this level requires 64,109 experience, meaning you need to fletch 1,545 logs into Longbows.

Levels 65-70: Yew Shortbows

At level 65, you will be able to start fletching Yew logs. As always, begin with shortbows until you can fletch longbows.

Reaching this level requires 288,199 experience, meaning you need to fletch 4,270 logs into Shortbows.

Levels 70-80: Yew Longbows

Upon reaching level 70, you will be able to fletch Yew Longbows. These are a decent method up to 99 if you wish to only cut logs, and not string them, while making a profit.

Reaching this level requires 1,248,441 experience, meaning you need to fletch 16,646 logs into Longbows.

Levels 80-85: Magic Shortbows

You’re almost there! This will be the last of the shortbows we need to make. Until level 85, you will be fletching Magic Shortbows.

Reaching this level requires 1,272,526 experience, meaning you need to fletch 15,277 logs into Shortbows.

Levels 85-99: Magic Longbows

Levels 85 to 99 will the be the home stretch. These will take longer than all of the previous levels combined, but don’t give up! Stringing Magic Longbows is significantly faster than fletching unstrung bows, and will net you a hefty profit.

Reaching this level requires 9,775,837 experience, meaning you need to fletch 106,840 logs into Longbows.


Good job on reaching 99! Fletching is considered to be one of the easier and faster skills in the game, however any skillcape is a feat of accomplishment. Wear it with pride!

You can purchase your skillcape from Hickton at the Fletching Shop in Catherby for 99,000 coins. The skillcape can be searched 3 times per day to receive a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow. These can be used to access shortcuts.

Profitable Alternatives

Fletching in OSRS can be quite a decent profit if you choose to do a slightly slower method to 99. Generally stringing high level bows, and fletching mid-level bows will result in a nice profit. However, there are some other alternatives that may interest you.

Levels 55-99: Maple Longbows

Fletching Maple Longbows is a great alternative if you have little money to start with. Both fletching and stringing will net you a significant profit towards 99. This method is great, because it doesn’t require much money to invest in a large amount of supplies. Maple logs are dirt cheap, and you can easily multiply your cash stack by creating both strung or unstrung bows.

Levels 70-99: Yew Longbows

Yew Longbows work the same as Maple Longbows. You will profit from fletching both strung and unstrung bows. However, these will not profit quite as much as the Maple option. They do offer a significant amount of experience in comparison, taking approximately 80,000 less bows to 99.

Levels 85-99: Magic Longbows

Unlike the previous longbows, Magic Longbows will only offer a significant profit from stringing bows. This means you will need to buy the unstrung bows and bowstring, skipping the logs entirely. This offers not only a profit, but also faster experience than fletching logs. Making unstrung bows will still profit on the current market, but it’s extremely close to breaking even.

Levels 55-99: Broad Bolts

Broad Bolts are always in high demand as they are a common ammo used for Slayer tasks. Due to this, you can actually make a profit while fletching them. They require level 55, and the ability to craft them purchased for 300 slayer points. You will need to purchase the unfinished bolts from a Slayer Master, and feathers from the GE. Bolts are made by rapidly using one of the items on the other. This can be done while running Agility courses or performing other tasks to maximize your experience rates.

Fast & Expensive Alternatives

Have a bunch of GP burning a hole in your pocket? Need another 99? Fletching is by far one of the fastest skills to reach the max level if you have the money to do it. Let’s take a look at all of these methods that can grant insane experience rates.

Levels 52-99: Broad Arrows

Similar to Broad Bolts, although these arrows cannot be sold. They provide much more experience, but you will lose 100% of the money you spend on supplies. Broad Arrows may also be started at level 52 rather than 55, but still require 300 slayer points to unlock the ability to craft them. The experience per hour is roughly 300,000 but can vary heavily depending on your click speed.

Levels 92-99: Dragon Javelins

After completing the quest Monkey Madness II, you have access to crafting Dragon Javelins. They are similar to arrows and bolts, requiring Dragon Javelin Heads to be used on Javelin Shafts. You cannot start fletching these until level 92, however they offer experience rates of up to 670,000 experience per hour.

Levels 95-99: Dragon Darts

Want to knock out these levels extremely fast? Need post-99 experience and money isn’t a concern? This is the method for you. Adding Dragon Dart Tips to feathers can net you slightly above 1,300,000 experience per hour if paying attention. This method is extremely fast, but it is by far the most expensive. If you don’t have much gold, you will need to buy supplies and sell your darts as you train. It costs roughly 600m gold to purchase all of your supplies at once, just for these four levels.

Levels 92-99: Redwood Shields

You can fletch two Redwood Logs into a Redwood Shield starting at level 92 fletching. This method will yield a loss, and only generates about 150,000 experience per hour. This method is not recommended, you would be better off stringing Magic Longbows for a profit and better experience rates.