OSRS Fishing Guide: 1-99 Method, Profit, XP, F2P/P2P



OSRS Fishing is a relaxing, profitable skill and can really give you quite a head start on some cash early on in the game. This OSRS Fishing Guide will include a profitable method, a fast experience method, as well as a free-to-play method.

As your level progresses, you will have access to more convenient locations, faster experience rates and of course more profit in the long run.

*It is recommended to complete the Sea Slug quest to instantly get your Fishing level to 24. This quest only requires 30 Firemaking and can be completed fairly quickly. Get your Firemaking skill to level 30 fast: check out our 1-99 OSRS Firemaking Guide.

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Fishing Guild

The Fishing Guild is home base for those who are experienced fishers. It is located in a fenced area North of Ardougne. At level 68, you are able to access to this guild.

You may use boosts such as Fishing Potions, Fish Pies, Admiral Pies and Spicy Brown Stews to get boost your way into this guild as well, making the lowest level needed to actually get inside 63. You will not be kicked from the guild if your level drops below 68.

The Fishing Guild includes:

  • Entrance Hall (Range)
  • 11 Harpoon & Caging Spots (Lobster, Tuna, Swordfish)
  • 9 Net & Harpoon Spots (Mackerel, Bass, Cod & Sharks)

*The northern dock is the closest to the bank, and the Southern dock is closest to the Cooking Range.

Minnow Platform: On the Northern Dock, you may speak with Kylie Minnow who will bring you to a Minnow dock. Players must have 82 fishing as well as having finished the Fishing Contest Quest and wearing the Anglers Outfit before speaking to her.

Every 15 seconds the Minnow spot will change, making players have to pay much more attention. For every 40 Minnow caught, Kylie will trade them for 1 Raw Shark.

The Angler Outfit is an experience-boosting set which will boost your experience when Fishing. This outfit can be obtained by participating in the Fishing Trawler minigame.

You may receive the pieces randomly from looting the Trawler net after each successful round. The drop rate is roughly 1/10. You must have 34 fishing to wear any piece of this outfit.


This is a list of quests you can complete to get rewarded with Fishing Experience.


Fastest Experience

If you’re not worried about much profit, and just want to get this 99 out of the way, refer to this method. It is the quickest way to get this skill maxed out, and achieve the fastest hourly experience rates.

Levels 1-24 – Sea Slug Quest

Requirements: 30 Firemaking

*This is much more convenient than training these levels with early level fishing.

Levels 24-58 – Trout & Salmon

Trout and Salmon are commonly fished in Shilo Village, Barbarian Village & West of The Fishing Guild.

  • Items Required: Feathers & Fishing Rod

*These items can be purchased from any General Store, or The Grand Exchange.

Level 58-99 – Barbarian Fishing

*The fastest experience will be through Barbarian Fishing. Though you can fish here at level 48, it is not recommended. You will only be catching Leaping Trout at this level, which give the same experience as regular trout. You must start the fishing portion of your Barbarian Training to use this method. You can begin by talking to Otto Godblessed in the small shack at the fishing location.

Barbarian Fishing requires 15 Agility and 15 Strength to start, but 30 is recommended for Leaping Salmon. At level 70 Fishing, you will be able to catch Leaping Sturgeon. This will require 45 Agility and 45 Strength. Barbarian Fishing will grant you Agility and Strength experience each time you catch a fish.

Profitable Alternative

Players not looking to achieve 99 Fishing in the fastest possible way will be able to make a large amount of money! These methods will be much slower, but yield a high profit from selling all of your raw fish.

Level 1-20/25 – Shrimps and Anchovies

Draynor can be a convenient location for these fish.

  • Items Required: Small Net
  • Experience Needed: 4,470
  • Shrimps Needed: 447
  • Anchovies Needed(From 15-20): 52

Level 25-40 – Trout & Salmon

Barbarian Village and West of The Fishing Guild can be a convenient location for these fish. (Pictures Above)

Once Level 30, you will be getting around 25-35K XP/hour. Since at this level, Trout & Salmon won’t throw much profit your way, it’s recommended to ‘power fish’ these. This requires you to drop your fish after catching them to up your hourly experience.

However, if you’re after the money.. it is recommended you fish these just west of the Fishing Guild, and sell the Trout & Salmon to Rasolo the Wandering Merchant, which can be found nearby.

  • Experience Needed: 32,754
  • Trout Needed: 656

Level 40-62 – Lobster

Lobsters will be the start of your profitable 99 journey. Congratulations! You’ve made it this far.

  • Items Required: Lobster Pot
  • Fish Needed: 3296

You can find both the Fishing Guild, and Catherby being very convenient places to fish Lobsters.

Level 62-76 – Monkfish 

After completing the quest Swan Song, you will have access to Piscatoris Fishing Colony, which is where you’ll find Monkfish.

  • Items Required: Small Fishing Net
  • Fish Needed: 8356

Level 76-99 – Shark 

  • Items Required: Harpoon
  • Fish Needed: 106,345

*The best spot to fish for sharks is inside The Fishing Guild. Once you have the full Angler Outfit, you can begin fishing Minnows to trade in for Sharks. This method is much faster than regular Shark fishing, but more intense.

F2P Method

Though fishing is more effective and profitable as a member, below is a method for those who are still running around as a free-to-play member.

Level 1-20 – Shrimps and Anchovies

*At level 15, you will begin catching Anchovies as well as Shrimp.

  • Experience Needed: 4,470
  • Shrimps Needed: 447

Level 20-40/99 – Trout & Salmon

*At level 40, you may go begin fishing Lobsters if you want a bit of profit along the way. Although, the fastest experience as a free-to-play member to 99 will be power fishing Trout & Salmon. This requires you to drop the fish after catching them.

*At level 30, you will begin catching Salmon and Trout together, this will increase your hourly experience rate.

  • Experience Needed: 32,754
  • Experience Per Hour: 30-50K
  • Fish Needed: Approximately 1000

Level 40-50 – Lobster

As a F2P player, you can fish for Lobsters at Musa Point (Locations Above). If you have completed Dragon Slayer, you can use the Corsair Cove Resource Area to bank your fish.

  • Experience Needed: 32,224
  • Experience Per Hour: 20-30K
  • Fish Needed: 414

Level 50-99 – Swordfish & Tuna

As an F2P player, you can fish Swordfish at Musa Point (Locations Above). If you have completed Dragon Slayer, you can use the Corsair Cove Resource Area. It is not recommended to keep the tuna, so feel free to drop those.

  • Experience Needed: 12,334,051
  • Experience Per Hour: 30K
  • Fish Needed: 154,176


Congratulations! You have achieved level 99 in Fishing. Whether you got here through the profitable method, or the fastest experience method, this is quite the skill to accomplish a 99 for!

Head over to the entrance of the Fishing Guild and claim your skillcape and hood from the Master Fisher for 99,000 coins.