How long does it take to get Fighter Torso in OSRS?


One of the most iconic items in all of RuneScape is the Fighter Torso. It is unlocked by trading in 375 honor points from each Barbarian Assault role:

  • Defender – Lures Penance Runners into traps around the map, make calls for the Healer
  • Attacker – Kill Penance Rangers and Fighters, make calls for the Collector
  • Collector – Gather eggs and load them into the cannon, make calls for the Attacker
  • Healer – Heal your teammates and poison Penance creatures, make calls for the Defender

These roles all come with their own special duties within the minigame. Some are easier than others, and they can take some time to master. You will also need to kill the Penance Queen (finish all 10 waves) at least once.

So, how long does that take?

Barbarian Assault Times

With proper knowledge of the minigame and a good team, you can obtain a Fighter Torso in as quickly as 60 minutes. You can even pay for leeches through clans like Leech BA to get your torso hassle-free.

However, the general answer is roughly 4-6 hours if you are inexperienced with the minigame. Unfortunately it comes down to finding a good team. Barbarian Assault allows players in your team to quit out at any point – or even leave your team for another.

Not knowing your role well and having bad luck finding a team will increase the amount of time needed greatly.

Why do you need a Fighter Torso?

The Fighter Torso is actually one of the single best melee armors in the game. Yes, it comes with an initial time investment. Asides from that, it is a free, non-degradable, chest item with great stats.

OSRS Fighter Torso Stats

It’s only slightly worse in terms of defense when compared to a Bandos Chestplate, but costs nothing. Even if you can afford a Bandos Chestplate, the torso is actually an item needed for some Master Clue Scrolls. It may be worth your time to obtain it for that reason too.