OSRS F2P Combat Guide – 1-99 All Combat Skills


Training combat in F2P on OSRS can most certainly be tedious, especially when there are very few options to actually train and your access certain areas in Runescape are limited. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get those high level achievements that you’ve always wanted.

It is highly recommended to get an abundance of food and armor before starting combat. If you need help getting early GP at a low level, it is highly recommended to take a look at our 8 F2P money making methods before continuing on in this OSRS F2P combat training guide.

Gear/Armour Requirements


Being F2P, you’re going to want to stay geared up with whatever level tier you’re able to wield. With rune being the best option for free-to-play, you’ll want to work your way up from bronze.

Melee Armor

  • Bronze/Iron Armour – 1 Defense, 1 Attack to wield scimitar
  • Steel Armour – 5 Defense, 5 Attack to wield scimitar
  • Black Armour – 10 Defense, 10 Attack to wield scimitar
  • Mithril Armour – 20 Defense, 20 Attack to wield scimitar
  • Adamantite Armour – 30 Defense, 30 Attack to wield scimitar
  • Runite Armour – 40 Defense, 40 Attack to wield scimitar


Just as with melee listed above, you’ll want to wear the best tier item for your level that you can. 

  • Plain leather – 1 Range, 1 Defense
  • Hard leather body – 1 Range, 10 Defense
  • Studded leather body – 20 Range, 20 Defense
  • Green D’hide body – 40 Range, 40 Defence, Completion of Dragon Slayer Quest

It is recommended to use the best tier bow for your level, with iron arrows. They are cheap, and for early stages of range you will lose quite a bit of money if you use higher tier arrows. You can use up to a maple bow in free-to-play.

Your goal in F2P ranging is to get to 40 range for your best tier item, Green dragonhide. This armour will be your best bet, and most range bonus for free-to-play. Note that the green dragonhide body requires Dragon Slayer to be completed in order to equip it.


Starting out with magic can be a bit frustrating. With little to choose from in F2P and not having much of a magic bonus, you can expect the first 20-25 levels or so to take some time. It is recommended to grab some wizard robes from the grand exchange, an air staff, a water staff & an abundance of runes.

Combat Training

Gear up and get ready, it’s time to make some combat gains! Cows, chickens & goblins are going to be your best friend for all of your early level training in free-to-play, refer below for the recommended stats and where to go. 

Note that these NPCs are fantastic for melee, range & magic training.

Levels 1-10 – Chickens

Chickens can be found in the farmhouse in the north-east area of Lumbridge. The good part about these guys is that you will get the levels rather quickly, they have very low hitpoints and also drop feathers & raw chicken. You can use the range nearby to cook the chicken to get early cooking levels, and keep the feathers for money. You may also keep the feathers in your bank for when you upgrade to members, and use them for fletching. Refer to our fletching guide for this.


Levels 10-20 – Giant Rats

For the next 10 or so levels, you’re gonna head over to Giant Rats. They can can be found in the Lumbridge Swamp, heading south out of Lumbridge past the graveyard. 

Giant rats

Levels 20-30 – Al-Kharid Warriors

Well, we should be able to wield Mithril now! Which means we’re finally starting to get some hits, and decent hourly XP. Keep it up!

You’re going to head to Al-Kharid warriors for the next 10 levels. The good thing about these NPCs is that they’re only level 9, and have a bit of defense meaning you can gather pretty good hourly EXP here. Another plus, if you have a good amount of food the guards will automatically attack you after fighting one meaning it’s pretty afkable.

Alkirad Warriors

Levels 30-50/70 – Hill Giants

One of the most nostalgic NPC training moments in Oldschool RuneScape for me was training at Hill Giants. Not only are they great experience per hour, but they also drop big bones & limpwurt roots which are great for early-stage money making. Hill giants can be found west of the cooking guild, near the grand exchange. You must have a brass key in order to enter the little house and this key can be purchased from the Grand Exchange. This place can be crowded at times, so be sure to hop worlds and find a world comfortable enough for you to train & make some good money.

If you decided to range up until now, you can stand behind the pillars to safespot the hillgiants.

Hill Giants

40+ Alternative 1 – Flesh Crawlers

For free-to-play, Flesh Crawlers will be your best bet for great EXP, and can easily be afked. These monsters are found on the second level of the Stronghold of Security, which is located underneath the cave entrance in Barbarian Village. 

Flesh Crawler

Levels 60-70/80 – Giant Spiders

Now you’re really getting up there, it’s time to train on some bigger and badder creatures. I recommend heading over to stronghold of security again and killing Giant Spiders on the third level. Bring some strength potions and food with you, and let your character auto-retaliate against them. Once they lose aggro, simply go to another area and run back. Rinse and repeat. 70 Defense is highly recommended, and with this defense level, these are notably the highest hourly xp rated afkable monsters for free-to-play training.

Giant Spider

Levels 80+ – Ogress Warriors

If you’re after some decent EXP, but also trying to build your bank up a bit, Ogress Warriors are a good choice for you. Although they can hit decently, and have a pretty high defense, you can find these bad boys dropping a good amount of good quality loot. They’re actually one of the best creatures for F2P drops in the entire game.

These Warriors can be found in the Corsair Cove Dungeon. It is recommended to come equipped with strength potions, and a chisel to cut gems. For longer trips, I recommend praying protect from melee.

Magic Training

You can use any of the methods above for equivalent experience in magic training, but if you’re trying to afk the skill or get the fastest experience per hour, I went ahead and put together a list below of available options for F2P magic experience.

Remember, upgrade your robes as you level. Wizard robes and staffs help your magic bonus majorly, and heavily impact your hourly experience rates.

Method 1 – Cheap

If you’re looking to save some money and really spent just about everything you have on runes, then I’d follow these methods. They’re a bit more time consuming, but when it comes down to it, Magic is a pretty fast overall skill anyway and you shouldn’t have issues blasting through early-stage levels regardless of how you do it.

Head over to the Wizards’ Tower near Draynor, and climb to the third floor. In a small room, you will see a lesser demon behind a fence. I like using this spot personally because it’s extremely afkable, you don’t get attacked and all you have to really worry about is clicking on the demon after it respawns. 

As your level increases, make sure you switch to your stronger spells as they are unlocked. This method can yield about 33,000 experience per hour. Staying here until 55 magic so you can high alch won’t take long at all, especially on mobile.

Lesser Demon

When you get to 55 magic, the best free-to-play option is going to be high alching until the tip of your finger falls off. 

Method 2 – Expensive

For those who stuck to the money making methods from our F2P money making guide, and you have a bit of wiggle room with your GP, this is a decently fast method to get your magic levels up quick. With anything, you pay for what you get. And if you’re willing to put the money into this skill, you’ll get levels extremely quickly!

Levels 25-55 – Teleporting

Note: It is recommended to use a staff of air for the teleportation method.

  • You can use the teleport to Varrock spell at 25 magic, which requires 1 law rune, 1 fire rune and 3 air runes. This yields 35 EXP per teleport.
  • You can use the teleport to Lumbridge spell at 31 magic, which requires 1 law rune, 1 earth rune and 3 air runes. This yields 41 EXP per teleport.
  • You can use the teleport to Falador teleport at 37 magic, which requires 1 law rune, 1 water rune and 3 air runes. This yields 48 EXP per teleport.
Levels 55-99 – High Alchemy

Finally, you’ve made it to level 55. Experience rates are about to be crazy! You’ve unlocked the high alchemy spell. For every item you use high alchemy on, you yield 65 experience per cast. This spell requires 1 nature rune, and 5 fire runes. It is recommended to wield a fire staff for this method.

Popular F2P items to high alch include rune equipment, adamant equipment, bows, gold bars, etc. You won’t see much of a profit from high alching in F2P, but we’re after the experience rates anyway. This method yields 78-85,000 experience per hour.


Quests That Give Combat Experience

  • Imp Catcher – 875 Magic Experience – Refer to our Imp Catcher quest guide!
  • Witches Potion – 325 Magic Experience – Refer to our Witches Potion quest guide!
  • Vampire Slayer – 4,185 Attack Experience
  • Dragon Slayer – 18,650 Strength & Defense Experience

The quests listed above will get you to 10 magic without spending any money on runes.

Hopefully by now you’ve upgraded to P2P and can start your journey with hundreds of unlocked features, locations and quests! If you’ve decided to upgrade your account, and you’ve used these methods to get your combat up and get some money in that bank, take a look at some of our P2P money making methods. Good luck!