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Crafting Guild

Crafting Guild

The Crafting Guild is a crafting home for medium and high level crafters to give a boost towards maximum experience. You need a crafting level of 40 to enter the crafting guild, also requiring either a brown or golden apron equipped upon entering. This guild is available to both free to play, and pay to play.



There are plenty of alternative routes to get into The Crafting Guild, the easiest of course is using the Games Necklace, and simply teleporting directly outside of the guild. If you have achieved 99 in this skill already, you can simply use the crafting skillcape to teleport directly to the guild as well.

— If you are a free to play user, use either of the images below for other routes

Falador teleport – requries 37 magic (1 air rune, 3 water rune, 1 law rune)

Lumbridge Teleport – requires 31 magic (1 earth rune, 3 air rune, 1 law rune) – Run to Draynor Bank.

After entering the guild, you will be greeted one of the three master crafters, and can later buy a skillcape from one of these masters once you reach level 99.

First Floor

The ground floor of The Crafting Guild contains a pottery oven for hardening unfired clay items, 4 potter’s wheels for making unfired clay items, a sink, a couple miscellaneous items that respawn and of course a staircase leading up to floor 2. You also will have direct access to the mine, which contains 7 Gold rocks, 6 Clay rocks and 6 Silver Rocks.

– A bank deposit box as well as a banking chest are both available to those who have completed the hard or elite tiers of the Falador diary.On the west side of the ground floor, cows are available with no requirements and you may get your hides tanned by the tanner on the first floor making this quite ideal.

Second Floor

The first floor of The Crafting Guild has two spinning wheels for spinning wool, as well as more miscellaneous moulds that continuously respawn on the tables.

– The cowhide Tanner is also conveniently available for your tanning needs, for dragonhide or regular hide.