OSRS Crafting Guide: 1-99 Training Method (F2P Included!)



Crafting is an extremely useful skill that involves creating different types of armour and jewelry. It’s quite an expensive skill to train as it involves using large amounts of resources. Often you will create items that are worth less than the resources themselves.

In this Crafting guide for OSRS we will explain the many methods of training the skill effectively. This skill is available to both F2P and P2P players, so we’ll be sure to cover both of these methods. There’s always options for training skills in the game. We’ll go over everything thoroughly so that you can choose what is best for you.

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1-99 Guide (Fast)

The method below is roughly the fastest way to achieve 99 Crafting in OSRS. It’s going to cost a lot of money, and is recommended if you’re able to make over ~5m per hour. If not, it may be best to look at some slower, but cheaper methods. Unless you absolutely need a certain crafting level for something, it’s often better to use your time making money and using these fast methods.

Levels 1-20 – Cutting Opals

You will need a chisel to begin cutting gems. Note that you will crush some of the gems, and not be able to get ALL of your money back. As your level increases, you will crush less gems. Only a few low level gems can actually be crushed, so you do not need to worry about this after level 20.

  • Experience per hour: ~25,000
  • Opals needed: ~500

Levels 20-27 – Cutting Sapphires

You will not crush gems any further, so the amount you need to purchase will be more accurate. Gems are a great way to get through these early levels fast, and are fairly inexpensive.

  • Experience per hour: 140,000
  • Sapphires needed: 106

Levels 27-54 – Cutting Emeralds

Remember to sell your cut gems back to the Grand Exchange! The initial investment will be a little steep, but ultimately you will not lose too much money.

  • Experience per hour: 170,000
  • Emeralds needed: 2,091

Levels 54-58 – Water Battlestaves

Battlestaves can be crafted by using a charged elemental orb (air, water, earth, fire) onto a Battlestaff. Crafting battlestaves effectively will require you to purchase them in bulk. They have a small buy limit, so ask friends or clanmates to help you stock up on them!

  • Experience per hour: 250,000
  • Water Battlestaves needed: 736

Levels 58-63 – Earth Battlestaves

Earth Battlestaves are slightly faster than Water, and depending on the prices they may be cheaper.

  • Experience per hour: 275,000
  • Earth battlestaves needed: 972

Levels 63-66 – Green D’hide Bodies

Depending on the prices at the time, it can be cheaper to stick with Earth Battlestaves until 66. It is slightly faster however to switch to Green D’hide at this time.

  • Experience per hour: 300,000
  • Green D’hide Bodies needed: 687
  • Green Dragon Leather needed: 2,061

Levels 66-71/99 – Air Battlestaves

Air Battlestaves are an extremely fast and relatively cost effective way to train the whole way to 99. The problem is buying the battlestaves in bulk, but if you can stock up on with the help of friends it is a great method.

  • Experience per hour: 330,000
  • Air battlestaves needed: 2,315 (to 71)

Levels 71-77 – Blue D’hide Bodies

If you decide not to go the battlestaff route, D’hide bodies are the best alternative. You’ll be switching from blue to red, and finally to black.  Note that these will get more and more expensive, so you can stick to any of them all the way to 99 at this point.

  • Experience per hour: 350,000
  • Blue Dragon leather needed: 9,447

Levels 77-84 – Red D’hide Bodies

  • Experience per hour: 390,000
  • Red Dragon leather needed: 18,921

Levels 84-99 – Black D’hide Bodies

  • Experience per hour: 430,000
  • Black Dragon leather needed: 117,246

Alternative Methods

Some of the above methods can be extremely costly. Not everyone may be able to afford to use these methods, however most Crafting training is going to be expensive. There are a few alternatives to help cut down the cost, but they will drastically decrease in experience per hour.

Depending on the type of account you have, it may be more worthwhile to spend your time earning money to use the faster methods. This will ultimately save time that you would have spent using the slower training options.

Levels 1-54 – Cutting Opals

Opals are a great cheap training method even past level 20. You will end up with lots of crushed gems, but they are so cheap that the loss in money outweighs what you would normally spend on other supplies.

  • Experience per hour: ~25,000
  • Potions needed: ~13,000

Levels 46-87/99 – Unpowered Orbs

You’ll need a Glassblowing pipe and Molten glass for this method. Glassblowing can be quite the lucrative method when it comes to training Crafting. Most people seem to overlook it, but it is actually quite fast and not very costly. Unpowered orbs are always used by players charging them as a money making method.

  • Experience per hour: 80,000
  • Molten Glass needed: 74,368

Levels 58-87 – Diamond Bracelets

You can craft Diamond bracelets with a cut Diamond, Gold bar, and Bracelet mould in your inventory. This method is slightly faster than Unpowered orbs and quite a bit cheaper. It is not nearly as AFK as orbs though.

  • Experience per hour: 90,000
  • Gold bars & Diamonds needed: 39,451

Levels 74-99 – Dragonstone Bracelets

Made exactly the same as Diamond bracelets, just with Dragonstones. The downside to this method is that Dragonstones have a very low buy limit, and will be hard to buy in bulk without a decent amount of money in your bank already. However, it is a fairly fast and cost effective method if you can afford enough of the initial investment.

  • Experience per hour: 140,000
  • Gold bars & Dragonstones needed: 108,529

Levels 87-99 – Light Orbs

This Glassblowing item is a bit faster than Unpowered orbs, however it is not tradable. So you will lose all of the money that you put into the Molten glass required.

  • Experience per hour: 120,000
  • Molten Glass needed: 129,460

Crafting Quests

Many quests will give you Crafting experience upon completion. Please keep these in mind as you start to train the skill! Crafting can be extremely expensive, so take advantage of these small boosts.


1-99 Guide (F2P)

While crafting is a F2P skill, it is extremely limited. You won’t have many high experience methods available to you, however the cost is much cheaper. Some methods will even turn a slight profit.

It is highly recommended as a F2P member to do the three quests Sheep Shearer, Goblin Diplomacy and Misthalin Mystery. This will grant you a total of 950 experience, boosting you to level 8 Crafting.

Levels 1-5 – Leather Gloves

You will need a Needle, and multiple Thread in order to craft leather armour. This will only take a little bit over one inventory full of leather to complete the first five levels.

  • Leather needed: 29

Levels 5-22/99 – Gold Jewelry

Start crafting various gold jewelry using gold bars and the specific jewelry moulds. Amulets and Bracelets can often turn a nice profit. If you’re looking for a slow, but profitable way to 99 in F2P, this is a good method.

  • Gold Bars needed: ~230

Levels 22-99 – Sapphire Necklaces

This method will turn a nice profit to 99, but is less AFK due to only being able to make 13 per inventory. You will need to buy Gold Bars and Sapphires (cut). These can be enchanted into Games Necklaces for P2P members, so they will often sell at a good price. This is faster than sticking to normal gold jewelry, but much less AFK.

  • Gold Bars & Sapphires needed: 236,888

Levels 70-99 – Diamond Amulets

Diamond Amulets are crafted in the same way as Sapphire Necklaces, but require the Amulet mould. This method will not turn a profit, but is relatively cheap and fast. You’ll need to buy your supplies in segments as you re-sell them as it costs quite a lot of money.

  • Gold Bars & Diamonds needed:122,969
  • Experience per hour: 120,00


Well, congratulations! You’ve made it this far! Your pockets probably feel a little lighter after this 99, but it was well worth it and definitely a feat of accomplishment.

Head over to the Master Crafter inside of the Crafting Guild in south-west Falador to claim your Crafting skillcape and hood for 99,000 coins. Remember to bring a Brown Apron to get in.

You are able to teleport to the Crafting Guild with your skillcape for an unlimited number of times. The cape will teleport you directly inside of the guild, directly next to a bank.

OSRS Crafting Skillcape