OSRS Cooking Guide: 1-99 Training Method



Cooking is one of the easiest skills to achieve max level for in the game. It makes a great 99 goal for new and veteran players alike. Before we begin, I highly recommend that you read up on the important item: Cooking Gauntlets. They will allow you to stop burning food at a much lower level than normal. This will help greatly with your OSRS cooking training.

To quickly find out when you will stop burning a certain type of food, refer to our handy burn chart. Without further ado, let’s jump into this cooking guide for OSRS!

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Cooking Locations

You may not think where you cook actually matters, but it does! Different ranges and cooking locations throughout the game offer some special bonuses. Some locations require quests or other prerequisites. Read below to choose the option best cooking location for you.

The Rogue’s Den offers a fire directly next to a banker that never moves. It is easily accessed by teleporting to Burthrope with a Games Necklace, and running south to the bar. Head down the trap door. Due to this being a fire, not a range, you are restricted to cooking fish/meat, and will have higher burn rates.

The Hosidius House Mess Hall offers a range that reduces your chance of burning by 5% completely. The bank is extremely close by, only a few steps away from the range. Use of this location does require 100% favor in the Hosidius House in Zeah. Unlocking this location early is a good idea, especially if you aim to complete all Zeah content.

Catherby has a range directly across from the bank. It has no requirements. This is a good location to cook if you want to get the burn reduction of a range while still remaining fairly close to a bank. The quickest method to get here is by Camelot teleport, and running south-east.

Players that have completed Dragon Slayer II are rewarded with access to the Myths’ Guild. On the second floor, you will find a range that is placed directly next to a bank. This location is similar to the Rogue’s Den, but is slightly better due to the fact that you receive the cooking bonuses of a range rather than a fire.

Standard 1-99 Method

Most players will choose to cook different types of fish all the way from 1 to 99. Generally these methods will net you a profit towards the higher levels. You can find a few, more expensive, deviations from this standard method in the Alternatives section further below. That being said, the cooking skill offers fairly high experience rates for most common methods.

Levels 1-15: Shrimps

You will need to cook a total of 81 Shrimps to reach this level. Remember to buy extra to account for burns.

Shrimps will provide roughly 35,000 experience per hour.

Levels 15-25: Trout

You will need to cook a total of 78 Trout to reach this level. Remember to buy extra to account for burns.

Trout will provide roughly 85,000 experience per hour.

Levels 25-35: Salmon

You will need to cook a total of 162 Salmon to reach this level. Remember to buy extra to account for burns.

Salmon will provide roughly 110,000 experience per hour.

Levels 35-50: Tuna

You will need to cook a total of 790 Tuna to reach this level. Remember to buy extra to account for burns.

Tuna will provide roughly 120,000 experience per hour.

Levels 50-75: Lobster

You will need to cook a total of 9,243 Lobster to reach this level. Remember to buy extra to account for burns.

Lobster can reach up to 160,000 experience per hour.

Levels 75-80: Swordfish

You will need to cook a total of 5,541 Swordfish to reach this level. Remember to buy extra to account for burns.

Swordfish can reach up to 170,000 experience per hour.

Levels 80-90/99: Shark

You will need to cook a total of 52,612 Shark to reach level 90. Remember to buy extra to account for burns.

Shark can reach up to 260,000 experience per hour.

Levels 84-99: Anglerfish

You will need to cook a total of 43,840 Anglerfish to reach this level. Remember to buy extra to account for burns.

Anglerfish can reach up to 310,000 experience per hour.


Grats on your new 99! The cooking skillcape is one of the most common in the game, but that doesn’t take away anything from the accomplishment. You’ve spent hours slaving over a hot fire to achieve something most players have not.

You can purchase your skillcape from the Head Chef inside of the Cooking Guild for 99,000 coins. Remember to bring a Chef’s Hat to get in! While the skillcape is worn, you will never burn food. It can also be used as a substitute for the Chef’s Hat to access the Cooking Guild.

Alternative Methods

If you’re looking to train your cooking skill a bit faster, there are definitely some options for you to choose. These are generally going to be more intense training methods. Along with a higher intensity, there will also be a hefty price tag. Cooking can be extremely fast even for casual training, but these methods may interest you.

Levels 68-99: Wines

Wines may be made before this level, but you have the potential to “fail” until level 68. Reaching level 68 is fairly quick regardless, so you should wait until then to start using this method. Making Wine involves purchasing a large of Grapes and Jugs of Water, then combining them.

After using the items on each other, the Wine takes time ferment, and you will only receive experience once they have fermented. You can reset the fermentation counter by creating more Wine before the last batch has completed. Each Wine will provide 200 experience, but you can abuse this mechanic to receive enormous experience drops.

This method can reach up to 480,000 experience per hour.

Levels 80-99: Karambwan

Before you consider this method, note that you need to have completed the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest to learn the ability to cook Karambwan.

Karambwan are the fastest method of cooking ingame, but are very intense. To achieve the highest rates, you’ll need to abuse the game’s tick system to cook them without delay. The easiest way to do this, is to hold down the ‘2’ key on your keyboard while continuously using the Karambwan on the range/fire.

This method can reach up to 930,000 experience per hour. You will need to practice the method and pay full attention to achieve this rate, but it is possible.

Levels 70-99: Bake Pie Spell

This method requires completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest, as well as level 65 Magic.

The Bake Pie spell requires 4 Water, 5 Fire and 1 Astral rune per cast. This can be cut down to only 1 Astral rune if you equip a Steam Battlestaff.

Cast the spell with an inventory full of uncooked pies. Upon casting, you will begin to cook the pies one by one. This method is very relaxing, and will even provide you with some decent Magic experience. However, this can be very costly depending on the type of pie you choose to make.

We recommend considering the prices of the following: Admiral, Wild and Summer pies. These are ordered based on experience per hour, although they are all quite high.

This method can reach between 380,000-490,00 Cooking experience per hour depending on the type of pie. You will also receive approximately 100,000 Magic experience per hour.

Burn Chart

This chart displays most of the common foods and when you stop burning them. You’ll find it helpful to choose which type of food you want to use for your cooking training.