OSRS Chat Commands & Text Effects

Oldschool RuneScape has a handful of useful chat commands and effects that can be triggered at any time in your game. Most of these commands are just some quick ways to change options, but some can be helpful for other purposes too.

OSRS Chat Effects


Firstly, to enter commands we’ll need to use the prefix of two :: colons. Below are the commands currently available in the game.

::bank – Displays the chat message “Hey, everyone, I just tried to do something very silly!” from your character. This is a reference to ::bank being a popular command in RuneScape private servers to bring up your bank anywhere in the game.

::displayfps – Displays your game’s current frames per second, as well as the game’s current memory usage.

::mouseovertext – Enables or disables the mouseover text in your game. This is the text that appears in the top left of your screen when you hover your mouse over an item or object in the game world.

::renderself – Toggles your character’s visibility to yourself only. This is useful for taking screenshots or recording shots for videos. Everyone else can still see you!

::toggleroof – Toggles the loading of roofs in the game. Useful for seeing into buildings before your character enters them and the camera removes the roof. You can also find this option available in the settings menu.

Text Effects

Before the Grand Exchange existed in the game, players had to sell items by typing out their message in a crowded area. A good way to make your message stand out was to add colors and effects to your messages.

While this isn’t much needed anymore, the effects are still available for use in the game.


Unlike commands, the colors and effects themselves are used as the prefix. Anything after the colon (:) part of the effect is what the game will send as your message. For example, “Cyan:This is my message!”, would display “This is my message!” in cyan.

Below are the available colors.

  • Cyan:
  • Green:
  • Purple:
  • Red:
  • White:
  • Flash1: – Text flashes between red and yellow.
  • Flash2: – Text flashes between cyan and blue.
  • Flash3: – Text flashes between light and dark green.
  • Glow1: – Text transitions from red to orange to yellow to green to cyan.
  • Glow2: – Text transitions from red to magenta to blue to dark red.
  • Glow3: – Text transitions from white to green to white to cyan.


These effects will make your chat move. They can be used in conjunction with any color effects by placing the action code after the color code. For example, “green:scroll:This is my message!”, would display “This is my message!” in the color green while the text scrolls across the screen.

Below are the available actions.

  • Scroll: – Text will scroll from right to left.
  • Shake: – Text will shake up and down.
  • Slide: – Text slides from the bottom to the top.
  • Wave: – Text waves up and down.
  • Wave2: – Text waves from right to left.

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