OSRS Ultimate Blast Furnace Guide (Profit & EXP)

What is the Blast Furnace in OSRS?

The blast furnace is an awesome members-only mini-game that takes place in Keldagrim for smelting bars. For more Smithing methods, see our 1-99 Smithing guide.

One of the many cool features of this minigame is that you only use HALF of the amount of coal you’d normally use at a regular furnace. This means much bigger profit margins, more bars per hour and of course saving a lot of money spent along the way. Who doesn’t like that?! This mini-game is used widely across Oldschool Runescape as a low requirement money-maker, or even other ways for some of the fastest smithing experience in the game.

The Blast Furnace is ran by 5 dwarves who will let you use their furnace for some small payments.

Bf world

Blast Furnace Requirements

In order to get all the juicy rewards of this minigame, you’ll need to have some requirements. 

  • You must start The Giant Dwarf quest in order to access Keldagrim.
  • You need at least 60 smithing without boosts, or pay small fee of 2,500 coins to the Blast Furnace Foreman to smelt bars for 10 minutes. 
  • An abundance of GP before starting, you will use around 80,000 coins per hour at the Blast Furnace.

Recommended Items

  • Ring of Charos (a) – This ring will reduce your entrance free, please note however that if you use the ‘pay’ option on the Foreman, it will not give you a discount. You MUST go through the dialogue. You must be wearing the ring to get the discount. This ring is given to you after the completion of The Creature of Fenkenstrain quest, and it is activated (a) during the Garden of Tranquility quest.
  • Ice Gloves – Wearing these gloves at the bar dispenser after you use the conveyor built will instantly cool them off and allow you to pick them up. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a bucket of water to cool them off before gathering. The gloves save an inventory slot, and an extra step filling the bucket at the nearby sink each time. They are obtained in part of the Heroes’ Quest.

Official Blast Furnace Worlds

This minigame has five available worlds: 352, 355, 358, 386 and 387.

How to Get to the Blast Furnace

This minigame is located in the east mines of Rellekka, near the cave entrance you will see the dwarven boatman. If you haven’t started The Giant Dwarf quest, you can do so now by speaking with the boatman to get access to Keldagrim. I’ve provided a picture below of a route from Camelot to the boatman.

BF path

Once you’ve made it into Keldagrim for the first time, head north and go across the bridge. A little further south you’ll see the building with the blast furnace icon. Go inside this building and go down the stairs to find the Blast Furnace.

It’s much easier the next time around to access Keldagrim. You can use the Grand Exchange shortcut on the north-west wall, the minecart in the dwarven mines under ice mountain or alternatively you can the minigame group finder to teleport directly outside of the Blast Furnace building.

How to Use the Blast Furnace

After you get the hang of it, this minigame is a breeze. The minigame works by depositing your ore into the conveyor belt, running down the ramp, cooling off your smelted bars with either a bucket of water or the ice gloves, and then banking. Rinse and repeat. It is recommended to wear weight-reducing gear as you will be running most of the time.

Recommended Inventory Setups

For players above level 60 Smithing, it is recommended to wear your ice gloves with as much weight-reducing gear as you have. Have a coal bag (which holds up to 27 pieces of coal), a stamina potion and 25 ore. Note that if you’re using ice gloves you can replace your bucket of water with ore.

For players below level 60 Smithing, you must pay your fee every 10 minutes, a stamina potion, and 25 ore. Same as above, if you’re using ice gloves you can replace your bucket of water with one more ore.

Gold Bars Method

When using gold bars at the Blast Furnace, you will see upwards of 320-340K experience per hour, which I’m sure you already know is absolutely insane. Goldsmith gauntlets make this possible because of their nearly 2.5 times experience boost, making this method even better and easily one of the best Smithing experience methods in the game. You need a Smithing level of 40 to use gold ore on a furnace.

Goldsmith Gauntlets are one of the three glove rewards from the Family Crest quest.

Experience Per Hour

With the Blast Furnace being one of the best methods for Smithing experience in Oldschool Runescape, you can use the minigame for getting quite a bit of hourly profit gains or you can take the other route and use it solely for experience. Both of which in the end turn out a profit.

Provided you are using Ice Gloves and have a coal bag equipped, I went ahead and put together a list of experience rates below.

  • Bronze bars – 16-19K EXP per hour
  • Iron bars – 70-75K EXP per hour
  • Steel bars – 90-95K EXP per hour
  • Silver bars – 75-80K EXP per hour
  • Gold bars (with goldsmith gauntlets)  – 320-340K EXP per hour
  • Gold bars (without goldsmith gauntlets) – 125-130K EXP per hour
  • Mithril bars – 99-105K EXP per hour
  • Adamantite bars – 90-100K EXP per hour
  • Runite bars – 92-105K EXP per hour

Profit Per Hour

Now that we’ve got experience rates out of the way, let’s get into the money. Below I’ve created a list of approximate profit per hour at the Blast Furnace.

  • Iron bars – ~103-105K per hour
  • Steel bars – ~930K per hour
  • Mithril bars – ~620K per hour
  • Adamantite bars – ~1.4M per hour
  • Runite bars – ~1.8M per hour

The prices calculated above assume you’re using your coal bag, ice gloves and the 72,000 coins per hour you’ll pay to use the Blast Furnace.