Oldschool Runescape – Beginner’s Barrows Guide

Barrows, the Runescape minigame, was initially released all the way back in May 2005. In
this minigame, the player’s goal is to defeat each of the Barrows Brothers in their crypts to
then open the chest below for lucrative rewards. Barrows is the only source in-game of
Barrow’s equipment. Each brother has its own armor set with a unique set effect. Requiring
four pieces per set, you can quickly earn some money here at Barrows.

It will be much easier to get started with Barrows if you have a fair amount of gold for armor,
weapons, and supplies. Chicks Gold sell OSRS Gold at the best rates with instant delivery,
so you’ll be able to jump straight into it!

What equipment do you need for Barrows?

You can start barrows with as little as a Salamander. With the Harralander Tar being very
low in cost, it’s also pretty easy to get enough for a run or two of Barrows with little spent.
Most of your money at Barrows, as a lower level, will go on Prayer Potions. As one of the
crypt effects is a faster prayer drain, you’ll need plenty of Prayer Potions to stay safe from
death. You’ll find using magic is more effective overall, although costs in runes and
equipment. If you decide to use magic, such as Iban’s Blast or a Trident, you will also need
to bring a ranged weapon for defeating Ahrim.

You won’t need too much food at Barrows if you’re using Prayer for the brothers. However, it
is essential to note that Verac can, and will, hit through Prayer. There are aggressive NPCs
in the crypt that hit you too, so you will need some food to negate that. Some people like to
bring along a Guthan’s set for restoring health in the crypt while defeating the NPCs there for
reward potential.

As for Armor, your best Armor suffices. If you’re praying, then prayer boosting items are fine
too. You will need some sort of defense for Verac, as he can hit through Prayer. If you’re
ranging Ahrim, then bringing a switch of D’hide armor could prove useful.

How can I get the best rewards?

Firstly, if you can, it is always best to kill all six brothers. This gives you the highest chance
of receiving unique items from the chest.

Most of your chest loot will be Runes; your reward potential defines this. Reward potential is
gained by defeating the NPCs in the crypt. Each one you defeat adds to your potential and
results in higher tier runes as well as higher amounts, especially useful if you’re deciding to
use magic as Barrows can pay for itself in Runes if you always get the max reward potential
of 1,000.

Completion of the Morytania Hard Diary increases the awarded amount of runes by 50%! If
you plan on completing many Barrows runs, then it is definitely worth doing those diary

Good Luck!

As with many bosses and scenarios in Runescape, you need RNG to be your friend. Good
luck in grabbing yourself some lucrative armor pieces and commiserations in advance for
when you receive that depressingly low valued Ahrim’s Hood. Then again, money is still