Minecraft Potion & Effect IDs List

Ever wanted to give yourself potion status effects without actually using a potion? Now you can! Minecraft has a special command for giving these effects to yourself or any targetable object.

You can do so by using the following command:

  • /effect give <target/player> <effect_name>

Click the command for a more detailed guide. Below is a list of all current Minecraft potion effect IDs and names that you can use for this command.

Potion & Effects ID List

Effect Effect Name ID
Speed speed 1
Slowness slowness 2
Haste haste 3
Mining Fatigue mining_fatigue 4
Strength strength 5
Instant Health instant_health 6
Instant Damage instant_damage 7
Jump Boost jump_boost 8
Nausea nausea 9
Regeneration regeneration 10
Resistance resistance 11
Fire Resistance fire_resistance 12
Water Breathing water_breathing 13
Invisibility invisibility 14
Blindness (Java & Bedrock) blindness 15
MNight Vision night_vision 16
Hunger hunger 17
Weakness weakness 18
Poison poison 19
Wither wither 20
Health Boost (Java & Bedrock) health_boost 21
Absorption absorption 22
Saturation (Java & Bedrock) saturation 23
Glowing (Java) glowing 24
Levitation levitation 25
Fatal Poison (Bedrock ONLY) fatal_poison 25
Luck (Java & Legacy Console) luck 26
Bad Luck (Java) unluck 27
Slow Falling slow_falling 28
Conduit Power conduit_power 29
Dolphin’s Grace (Java) dolphins_grace 30
Bad Omen bad_omen 31
Hero of the Village hero_of_the_village 32


Minecraft Effect Command

When playing on a Minecraft world with cheats enabled, you will be able to use the /effect command. This command allows you to apply any of the above effects to yourself, or any entity.

The basic command is fairly simple as you probably saw earlier in the guide! However, it comes with a few extra optional parameters too. These will allow you to modify the given effect further.

Key: <required_param>, [optional_param]

/effect give <entity/player> <effect_name> [seconds] [amplifier] [particles]

  • <entity/player> – You can enter a player’s name here, or a target selector for NPCs.
  • <effect_name> – Enter the Effect Name as listed in the chart above here for your desired effect.
  • [seconds] – How long you wish for the effect to last, in seconds. You can enter a value up to 1,000,000 here.
  • [amplifier] – Choose the level of the effect. Must be between 0 and 255.
  • [particles] – Choose whether you want the effect particles to be displayed on the player or not. Enter true/false here.

You can remove effects from players or entities too! To do so, use the following command:

/effect clear <entity/player> [effect_name]

If you do not specify the Effect Name that you want to clear, the command will remove all effects on this player or entity.

Status Effect Descriptions

Below you can find out what each of the effects will do.

  • Speed – Increases walking speed
  • Slowness – Decreases walking speed
  • Haste – Increases attack and mining speeds
  • Mining Fatigue – Decreases attack and mining speeds
  • Strength – Increases melee damage
  • Instant Health – Heals entities immediately, damages undead entities
  • Instant Damage – Damages entities immediately, heals undead entities
  • Jump Boost – Increases jump height and reduces your fall damage
  • Nausea – Warps your screen and makes it hard to see
  • Regeneration – Restores your health over time
  • Resistance – Reduces damage from most sources
  • Fire Resistance – No damage from fire or lava
  • Water Breathing – Allows you to breathe underwater, preventing any damage
  • Invisibility – Turns the entity or player invisible
  • Blindness – Disables the sprint and critical hit abilities, as well as distorts your screen
  • Night Vision – Allows you to see in the dark
  • Hunger – Drains your hunger bar faster than normal
  • Weakness – Decreases melee damage
  • Poison – Causes damage over time, but cannot kill you
  • Wither – Causes damage over time, which can kill you
  • Health Boost – Increases your maximum health
  • Absorption – Allows the player or entity to absorb damage, ultimately allowing it to be damaged more
  • Saturation – Restores your hunger and saturation
  • Glowing – Puts a glow effect around the player or entity that can be seen through blocks
  • Levitation – Makes the player or entity gloat
  • Fatal Poison – Causes damage over time, which can kill you
  • Luck – Increases your loot chances and improves overall loot
  • Bad Luck – Reduces your loot chances and lowers overall loot
  • Slow Falling – Decreases fall speed and removes all fall damage
  • Conduit Power – Increases your underwater mining speed, provides better underwater vision, prevents drowning damage
  • Dolphin’s Grace – Allows you to swim faster
  • Bad Omen – Causes a raid to start upon entering any village
  • Hero of the Village – Provides discounts on trades with villagers