How to Crawl in Minecraft 1.14 PC & Console (No Mods!)

Crawling has never been available in Minecraft until the 1.14 update. Even so, there is not a key or button that will active crawling mode. We’ll need to do a little setup to make this work!

Fortunately, all we’ll need to make our character be able to crawl under any space is a trapdoor. These can be crafted with only 6 wooden planks. With that in hand, let’s learn how to crawl in Minecraft.

Crawling Setup

Minecraft Crawling Setup

Place the Trapdoor on the bottom half of the block above the space you want to crawl into. Make sure that it is not on the top half! It will not be low enough to force your character to start crawling.

Once you have all of your trapdoor in place, close it so that it is aligned vertically to the block it is placed on. Now, stand directly in front of the trapdoor, and open it up. This will force your character into the crawling stance.

You can now crawl under any one block space, and will return to a normal standing position if there is no longer a block above you.

Minecraft Crawling Guide

Why is crawling useful?

This setup can be particularly useful for creating secret rooms. No one will think twice about passing what looks to be a singular missing block. All you need to do is remove the trapdoor when you leave, and you’ll be the only one with access to your super secret room.

Another fun way to use this crawling method is within obstacle courses. It’s a neat trick that not many players know about yet, and will add some extra challenge to your map.

On top of the more practical uses, it’s also a cool way to get interesting screenshots or videos. Have a Minecraft server based around exploration? Feature a video or screenshot of a character crawling around a cave!