Minecraft Cracked Servers: The How-to Mega Guide

Minecraft Cracked Servers

Minecraft is an incredibly popular online game. Due to the massive amount of players, the price is likely to remain high for a long time. Fortunately, there are some ways you can join in on the Minecraft fun without worrying about the price tag. In this guide, we are going to go over everything you could possibly need to know about making, launching and finding cracked Minecraft servers.

Cracked Minecraft servers and clients are considered illegal, keep that in mind as we go along. This guide was made for educational purposes only.

What’s a cracked server?

A cracked server allows players using a cracked client to join. These cracked servers do not check for authentication when new players join, bypassing Mojang’s checks. This allows for players who haven’t purchased the game to download a cracked launcher and connect to a server.

Normally, most servers do not allow users with cracked clients to connect. This presents the issue – what servers can I play on? Thankfully, we have found a full list of active servers that support cracked clients. You can visit the list, find a server you like, and copy the IP to join. Check it out here: https://minecraftservers.biz/servers/type/cracked/

Pros & Cons

Cracked servers even have some advantages. Normally, if Minecraft’s servers are down, your server will be too. This isn’t the case for servers setup to run an offline (cracked) mode. You, and every other player will still be able to connect to the server no matter the status of the official Minecraft servers.

On the other hand, you will be limited. Cracked servers do not allow for your own personal account. Once you’ve logged out, anyone else can login with the same username and have access to your account. You can do this to others as well. This presents another fairly large problem – moderation. Everyone can log into any account, so you cannot have accounts with special privileges because it will be abused.

Thankfully, this can be fixed through the use of user-made plugins. Plugins like AuthMeReloaded can be used to make new users ‘register’ upon entering the cracked server. Doing so will store their login info separately from the official Minecraft login, allowing you to save your progress and prevent username stealing.

The Cracked Launcher

Now that we understand the basics of cracked servers, it’s time to try them out. To do this, we’ll first need to find a cracked client. MC-Launcher is by far the best that we have found. It has options for different account types, support for necessary mods and all versions of Minecraft. On top of that, it’s lightweight and easy to use!

Quick Setup

  1. Download the proper version for your operating system.
  2. Place the launcher in a location of your choice, I prefer the desktop.
  3. Run the Minecraft.exe or Minecraft.jar file.
  4. Once the necessary files are downloaded, choose a username, modpack, and server to play on.

Minimum specs to run the Launcher:

  • Java Version 7 or 8
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 2GB of available HDD space

Creating A Cracked Minecraft server

Setting up a cracked server is going to require a bit of work. We’ll need to make use of some third party resources in order to get everything up and running properly. First things first, let’s get organized. On your desktop, create a new folder and name it “Minecraft Server” or something similar.

Now, we need to create a batch file to run the server. Inside of your folder, open a notepad and enter the following: java -Xmx3G -Xms1G -jar server.jar

You may need to configure this to work better with your own personal machine. The lines -Xmx3G and -Xms1G refer to the maximum and minimum amount of RAM dedicated to this process upon startup. These values are recommended, but if your computer cannot support them, you will need to tweak it. Save the file as run.bat or something similar.

Downloading the Server Files

Minecraft servers run on Java. You will need to make sure you’re  running the most recent version. Visit this page to download and install the newest version of Java, and this page to get the latest version of JDK. With that in place, you can now head over to Minecraft’s site to download the server files.

Move the server.jar file you’ve downloaded from the Minecraft site into your Minecraft Server folder you created earlier. Run the server.jar file, and accept the terms of use. Run the file once again, and you will see more files starting to be added into your Minecraft Server folder. You can close this file once complete.

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Server Configuration

Look through the newly added files to find one titled server.properties, we will need to rename this. Right click the file, choose Rename, and remove the period between the two words, creating just serverproperties.

We’re now able to edit this file. You can use Notepad, or a text editor of your choice to open it up. First off, we need to add your computer’s static IP address to the field server-ip=.

To find your computer’s static IP, open your search bar, type CMD to open the Command Prompt, and enter ipconfig /all. Look for the IP Address that appears, enter this into the server-ip= field.

Now we need to disable online gameplay. This is what allows for cracked clients to connect to your server. Use the Ctrl + F function to open up a search. Find the line online-mode=true, and change it to online-mode=false. Save your changes, and move onto the next step.


This step is often what confuses new server owners. The process in which you do this can vary depending on the type of router you are using. We will need to enable both TCP and UDP ports 25565.

Generally speaking, this is done by accessing your router information. Remember the static IP address we found earlier in the guide? Enter this into your browser’s address bar. From here, you will need to enter a new rule. Select both the TCP and UPD options, and enter port 25565 for both. Make sure you’ve applied your changes. For more information you can consult this guide.

Running the Server

With all previous steps complete, you’re all set to open your server’s doors. Firstly, close any server files you may have kept running previously. Now run the run.bat file we created earlier. You will need to keep this running the entire time your server is online!

Open your Minecraft official client, select Multiplayer > Add Server. You will be prompted to choose a name, pick something interesting to attract other players. Now you’ll be prompted to enter the server’s IP address. Use the same static IP address we found before, and have been using throughout this guide. Once complete, click the Done option, and you’re ready to roll!

To have your friends join, you’ll need to send them your public IP address. You can find this easily by visiting this website. What you’re looking for is shown as IPv4. They can connect to your server using the Direct Connect option.