Final Fantasy XIV Online

FFXIV, also known as Final Fantasy XIV, is an online multiplayer game developed by Square Enix. The game was initially available for Windows and PlayStation 3 users in 2013. 

FFXIV is the newest MMO edition of the Final Fantasy series. It is a much improved version of the earlier released Final Fantasy XI title. Similarly, it has a variety of different currencies in the game which can be used to purchase new items and equipment.

Although there are many currencies available, Gil FFXIV is quite popular due to its exceptional uses. Players can trade the Gil currency using the market board or mail. Alternatively, you can shop for FFXIV Gil from various trusted sources. However, it is also possible to attain Gil by finishing challenges, dungeons, quests log entries, and defeating enemies or trading items.


FFXIV is an MMORPG game that contains an open world environment where players can interact with other players. You can create, as well as customize your characters in FFXIV. The game allows you to select the gender, name, race, features, and class of the player. 

Unlike the first title, players can also choose the Magic or Disciple of War class, while some classes like Disciples of the Hand and Land are not available at the start of the game. A player can also select the game world for their character.

FFXIV Ingame

FFXIV Currency

FFXIV’s main currency is FFXIV Gil. Retainers promote the exchange of items. These are usually non-playable characters that make it easier to trade items using the Market Board for FFXIV Gil. 

Retainers obtain things from ventures and offer additional loot. There are two ways by which a player can purchase an item in Final Fantasy for Gil:

Either you can choose FFXIV Gil currency to buy materials, or players can sacrifice items that have obtained a higher “spirit bond”, which further can be employed to boost the stats of other materials or can be traded to another player.

Character Progression

There are various ways in which a player can improve their characters. Gaining experience points is one major thing that supports boosting the characters overall progression. After attaining a particular set of experience points, the player’s character will level up, earning you a stat boost across the board.

The higher your character’s level is, the better you will do in combat and other various scenarios in the game. There are four primary sources via which a player can gain experience in FFXIV: finish quests, find dungeons, participate in FATE, and killing monsters throughout the game.

Quests usually include various challenges that you may encounter during multiple stages of the game. These are particular tasks that are assigned to the player and reward experience, and usually some nice items.

On top of all this, you can also earn lots of Final Fantasy XIV currency by completing quests. Typically, the harder the quest, the better the reward.

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