Fallout 4 Item Codes, IDs & Item Spawning Guide

Quick Guide to Spawning

Similar to other games in the Fallout franchise, you are able to spawn items within the game by using the console. In short, all you’ll need to do is search for the Fallout 4 item codes using our handy searchable list below. Use the command player.additem <ItemID> <Quantity> in the console and the item will appear in your inventory. However, there are some minor details you’ll need to tweak for DLC items. Click the button below to jump to our full item spawning guide.


Spawning Guide

For the most part, adding items to your inventory in Fallout 4 is quick and easy to do. That being said, there are some extra details you’ll need to be aware of. Firstly, we’ll need to get our console open. Press the tilde ~ key in your game to pop up the console. From here, you’ll be able to enter the command using the syntax below.

However, you may notice some items contain a (DLC) to the left of the listed code. Spawning any item from one of the Fallout 4 DLCs will require you to add in the Form ID for the specific add-ons you have installed. See the bottom of this article to help determine what you should enter here. Let’s take a look at the command in full.


player.additem <ItemID> <Quantity> <Silent>

Description: Spawns the selected item of the specified quantity directly into your inventory. The spawn message in your console can be omitted by using the <Silent> argument.


  • <ItemID> – use the table above to find the item code for the item you wish to spawn. Enter it in this field. If you want to spawn a DLC item, please see the appropriate section below to find out what to enter in place of the (DLC) area.
  • <Quantity> – the amount of the item you wish to spawn.
  • <Silent> – this can be used to omit the spawn message that is normally printed to your console. Enter the value 1 in this field to omit the message. Enter 0 or leave this area blank for the message to show as normal.

DLC Codes & Form IDs

Any item with the (DLC) tag beside the item code signifies that it is an item from an add-on. These items have two extra numbers in their Form ID which you will need to add in order to spawn that item. Unfortunately, this is entirely dependent on the specific add-ons you have installed at the time, so it will vary from player to player.

The easiest way to determine the two numbers you should use is by checking an NPC from the DLC you have installed. Once you’re near the NPC, open up your console with the tilde key (~) and click on them. Their Ref ID will be displayed at the top of the console. The first two numbers displayed on their Ref ID will be the numbers you should add in place of (DLC) for every item code.

For example, if their first two numbers were 02, and you wanted to spawn a Hacking Module with the item code (DLC) 011380, you would use the code 02011380. For additional details, consult the Fallout Wiki.