How to Make & Save Gold in Elder Scrolls Online

Bad Omens

It can be quite intimidating for new players to earn Elder Scrolls gold at the early stages of the game. Well, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore! In this article we will have a comprehensive look at how you can earn a steady income of ESO Gold in the game and save it afterwards.


Quests are among the easiest means to earn Elder Scrolls Online gold. By going on quests, you will have to beat enemies and they will drop ESO gold for you. They can also grant players treasure maps, containers, and chests that provide extra loot. If you dedicate yourself to completing quests, then you will have enough resources to level up, purchase new items, get familiar with the enemies and so much more.

Slaying Thy Enemies

Your foes, especially the human class, can drop your ESO gold in decent amounts. You might not be satisfied with the amount at early stages, but once you make a habit of killing them frequently, it will all add up.

The ESO gold you get from defeating your enemies will help you to make repairs to your equipment and also make some decent purchases along the way. These enemies will also drop scraps, glyphs, jewelry and equipment which can be sold on the market for extra cash.

Item Loot

Loot is one of the best ways to earn Elder Scrolls gold. The term “loot” in the game refers to anything that you can pick as you play the game. It includes items found in containers, chests, and gear picked up from corpses.

The items you find might not be worth much early in the game since most of them will only be base quality. Even so, you can still disassemble those and sell them as raw materials. If they can’t be disassembled, they can be easily sold to merchants to earn some ESO gold.

Saving Elder Scrolls Gold

After going through the process of earning ESO gold, you’ll want to save as much as you can! Traveling, gear repairs, and supplies will all cost gold. You’ll want to make sure that you’re earning more than you’re spending. Let’s have a look at a couple of ways on how you can save it.

  • Never spend ESO gold when you travel to Wayshrine. We recommend that you travel to the nearest wayshrine and travel free of cost. If a shrine is not close to you, then open the guide and go to “Friends” or “Group” screen, and click on the option “travel to player”. Here you will be able to see the location of your friends, that will enable you to travel to the closest wayshrine near that player.
  • Don’t repair your items at the early stages of the game. Since most of the equipment that you will use in the early game will not be used in later periods. Only repair items that are absolutely necessary for you to keep progressing in the game.

These are some ways that will help you earn and save gold in the game. Most of these tips seem like common knowledge, but small things like this will add up as you play. Keep that gold safe and keep earning!