Dark Souls 3

About Dark Souls 3

Gear up for the third installment of the critically acclaimed Dark Souls franchise. The brutal, yet fair, difficulty of this game will push you to your limits. Small mistakes can have big consequences, and you’ll need to watch your back. Each enemy you encounter has a unique attack style you will need to learn. Combat may be tough, but it’s incredibly satisfying when you master a fight and defeat your opponent. PvP brings a completely new playing field to your game with surprises at every turn. Invade others or be invaded yourself. Become immersed in the game’s dark, and very much alive environment.

Unlike other games in the genre, there are no console commands or cheats in the vanilla version of the game. You can, however, use third party programs like Cheat Engine to spawn items. GameDB provides a full list of Dark Souls 3 item IDs, along with a complete guide to spawning items. Take caution in spawning items, as there can be consequences for cheating online. We strongly recommend you do not bring cheated items into the online version of the game.

Dark Souls 3 ramps up the intensity of the previous games. Gameplay is faster and combat is more intense. Taking the slow route may not always be the best option, use your preferred style of combat to slay foes quickly. Fight your way from bonfire to bonfire, increasing your skills as you progress.

Ruthless gameplay keeps your on the edge of your seat as you see a boss’s health bar slowly draining. PvP invaders will keep you on your toes at all times. To call this game intense would be an understatement. As a veteran of the franchise or a complete newcomer, Dark Souls 3 will provide a great experience all around.

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